A year in lockdown, snapped

Yes, that’s right. It’s almost been a year since the nationwide lockdown was implemented, and a lot has gone on since then. So, THE FACE wants you to submit your best photo response to the past 12 months.

Blue Corridor 15: an ode to South London girlhood

Dubheasa Lanipekun’s debut short – part of the BBC and Arts Council England’s New Creatives initiative – hymns the chaos of adolescence, Black schoolgirl sisterhood and her 15-year-old-self.

Capturing Bradford’s sisterhood bond

Sisterhood – a photo project by photographer Vivek Vadoliya and Bradford stylist Neesha Champaneria – captures political collective Speakers Corner in celebration of its tight-knit community and positive changes in the city.

Closed Hands: the novel-sized game exploring extremism

Directed by Dan Hett, Closed Hands examines the causes and effects of a terrorist attack in a fictional UK city. It’s inspired by the experience of losing his own brother, Martyn, during the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017.

Beyond the batcave: at home with the goths

No generation can resist the allure of sex, death and the occult. But just who are today’s goths? Where do they find each other? And how do they define the term? We go beyond the batcave to find out.

Gay Bar: why we went out

Jeremy Atherton Lin is a writer from California whose new book, Gay Bar, asks: does gay still have a place? With queer venues closing around the world, Gay Bar is a hilarious, arousing and challenging reminder, not just of where we went out – but why.

Get your film on with BFI Flare 2021

BFI are back with Flare, providing us with the very best in contemporary LGBTIQ+ cinema from top-notch directors around the world. This year is no different, with films exploring the AIDS crisis, trans rights, race, and more. Here, the programmers select their top picks.

Sit back, relax, Climax…

To celebrate Climax’s six-month birthday, Isabella Burley, the independent distributor and founder of all things erotic, selects her top picks from the latest release: rare pop culture ephemera, saucy books, Japanese periodicals, a VHS tape and more.

Melchior Tersen’s confessions of a shopaholic

Meet the Parisian photographer and archivist who has been buying, collecting and archiving all the best bits from contemporary pop culture. Think: Zinedine Zidane, DC Skully, Travis Scott and Stifler’s Mom all sitting around a table…

Barking mad: capturing guard dogs and their owners

In the past decade, photographer Conor Beary has gained a snapshot into global subcultures, from the Freemasons in Liberia to a retired gangster in south London. Here, he tells us why his latest focus was on big dogs.

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