Can you buy your way to good sex?

The business of sex is booming, with new toys and retreats costing upwards of £10,000. Are we entering a 21st century sextopia? Or is kinky capitalism just cashing in?

How to end a relationship

Stuck in a deteriorating couple and don't know how to approach it delicately? This is how to get break ups right.

What on earth is Web3?

Seen the term "Web3" knocking about but have no idea what it is? THE FACE's crypto expert is here to help.

The highs and lows of long (and short) distance relationships

Think long-distance relationships are all about dialling 678 999 8212 to kiss thru the phone? Think again. Spurred on by the pandemic, more couples are exploring different relationship set-ups, from living in different countries to simply moving in next door.

How power couples made a comeback

2021 in review: This year, celebs left their inhibitions in 2020 and embraced full-on, full-frontal romances, snogging for cameras and posting cringe-but-cute Insta captions. Gross!

The best and worst relationship advice in Sex and the City

As the girls reunite for Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That... (sans Samantha, sadly), THE FACE's resident sex and relationships expert reviews all the tips they imparted on the world almost two decades ago – for better or worse.

23 ways to stop violence against women

As winter draws in, women have never felt more threatened on Britain’s streets. THE FACE asks organisations, observers, campaigners and readers what changes need to happen now.

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