A year of bloody lockdown in photos

Recently, we asked you to submit photos commemorating the past year in lockdown. After rifling through 200+ submissions (cheers!), we’ve whittled it down to protest, politics, daily walks, Zoom hugs, student life, anxiety, laughs, and all the rest of it...

Why should we care about NFTs?

Deciphering the blockchain boom: explaining Grimes, Beeple and Kings of Leon’s interest in cryptocurrency’s latest gold rush.

Generation isolation: you are not alone

Covid-19 has made young people more disconnected than ever. Psychotherapist Martina Jean-Jacques discusses the simple steps we can take to combat feelings of loneliness.

The future of Britain’s gay saunas

Across the UK, queer saunas have provided a safe space for gay men to relax, unwind and shag. But the pandemic has brought on an uncertain future with Vauxhall’s Chariots – Europe’s largest gay sauna – closing its doors for good. Here, THE FACE investigates the likely post-pandemic outcome.

Has your Zoom Face fatigue hit an all-time high?

Thanks to an excessive amount of screen time, lockdown has not only changed the way we socialise, but also the way we look. Or want to look. From TikTok dermatologists to secret facial work-outs, we investigate how Zoom is affecting our relationship with skincare and our sense of self, 12 months in.

What does outer space smell like?

A remote island in the Indian Ocean, the far reaches of space... No place is off-limits for perfumers when it comes to creating unique scents.

Why are women ditching their dermal fillers in 2021?

After all, Molly-Mae did it. And against a backdrop of botched procedures and a pandemic-fuelled return to natural beauty, it would seem many others are following in the influencer’s direction. THE FACE explores whether or not tweakment reversal could be the next big thing.

The faces of the £6 billion British beauty industry during Covid-19

The beauty business has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Against a backdrop of lockdowns, shoddy government guidelines and virtual appointments, we speak to beauty workers who remain hopeful against all odds, ingeniously adapting to a situation beyond their control.

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