The faces of the £6 billion British beauty industry during Covid-19

The beauty business has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Against a backdrop of lockdowns, shoddy government guidelines and virtual appointments, we speak to beauty workers who remain hopeful against all odds, ingeniously adapting to a situation beyond their control.

Why plus size guys should be the next big thing

Thanks to brands like Jacamo, ASOS and Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty, big and tall men are finally having their moment in the spotlight, taking the leap from the high street to high fashion. Here’s why the tide is finally turning.

The search for British Bigfoot

What is the mysterious humanoid that keeps being seen in British woodland? James McMahon sets off to investigate an enduring legend.

How protesting took over a pandemic-riddled world

2020 in review: In a year of lockdown and social distancing, millions have hit the street to stand in solidarity against injustices that pre-existed – and were made worse by – the government mishandling of Covid-19.

New world biking

BikeStormz is the biggest youth ride out in the UK and Europe. An event that started life as a means of protesting against violent crime it has, since its foundation by Mac Ferrari-Guy in 2015, grown into a movement, a lifestyle, a way of riding in and of itself.

Why Clubhouse has everyone talking

There’s a new hangout app in town, and it’s already more “exclusive than Berghain”. Here’s how to get in – and why you might want to get out.

20 twenty-somethings around the world

Between the pandemic and the protests, this year has been an alarm bell for young people. Here, 20 candidates weigh in on the year so far and give us a snapshot of life in their shoes.

What the hell is happening to The Barclays?

The pause of club football for the international break is usually met with a collective sigh. However recent unhinged results have left us gasping for a breather in the Premier League.

The students are revolting: coronavirus hits halls

Student halls across the UK are being put into lockdown, leaving thousands of freshers cooped up in box rooms, isolated from family, and watching sub-par online lectures. We go inside Manchester Metropolitan, one of the universities worst affected by the crisis, in search of signs of life – and of protest.

Kit out your gaff

Carpets that look like bacon and sofas that look like loaves of bread. Plus plenty of things that don't resemble food and will make your home look heavenly.

Reinventing sushi in Brixton

Chris Restrepo spent years working in his parents' kitchen, ate his way round Tokyo and studied with the masters. Now he’s back in south London making Japanese food like no-one else.

Liverpool FC is about the future

As Nike unveils a brand new away kit for the Premier League champions, we travel to Liverpool to capture it on young fans from the area.

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