Rated by The Face: a weekly playlist

Featuring Mac Wetha's scuzzy indie rock, Ruthven's silky pop and yet another great ballad from Lana Del Rey.

The flow of new music is relentless. Want to keep up with the best stuff? Check out this playlist, which we lovingly update every week.

1010 Benja SL – Wow

Warm, free-spirited rock music from the distinctive Kansas City artist.

Ruthven – Don’t Keep it To Yourself

The South London musician (and ex-fireman) has the honour of releasing the first standalone single on Paul Institute, the label run by Jai and AK Paul. Don’t Keep it To Yourself is slick, sexy and it’s embellished with a tasteful touch of guitar shredding.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Banisters

LDR has just dropped her eighth studio album – which is also her second of 2021. Somehow, she hasn’t lost her ability to write jaw-dropping songs.


Fresh off of tour with his Dirty Hit labelmate Beabadoobee, the London artist has shared a scuzzy single. I really just wanted to write something that felt universal,” the NiNE8 member said of the tune, like hearing an old emo song or seeing an American college film”.


A heavy, tense highlight from the uncompromising rapper and producer’s new album LP!.

Digga D – Red Light Green Light

On the night of his first ever headline show, the UK drill star struck while the iron was hot with this menacing track.

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