Crack on with our Love Island pod­cast: It Is What It Is’ Ep.5

Join host Raven Smith as he unpacks the big questions we’re all asking, this time with the help of Chicken Shop Date’s Amelia Dimoldenberg. No topic is off-limits, no questions unanswered.

It sends the nation to a halt faster than a cen­time­tre of snow in Decem­ber (and divides the nation more than a jar of Mar­mite). We’re talk­ing about Love Island: the ITV2 real­i­ty show that sees a group of fit, half-naked peo­ple find­ing love. On an island (nat­u­ral­ly).

Whether you like it or not, it feels like all any­one can talk about at the moment. Why? Well, mind­less voyeurism for one. But also because it’s just Prop­er Good Tel­ly. A chance to see all man­ner of rela­tion­ships and inter­ac­tions laid bare on the small screen. A great anthro­po­log­i­cal exper­i­ment you can watch with a brew and a bacon but­ty. Script­ed by Shake­speare. Dressed by Nasty Gal.

Still, we have ques­tions. And while After­sun, the Love Island com­pan­ion show, gives us some­what of an overview, what we need is some­one who’ll unpack the meat in full force. A per­son unafraid to lay on the big ques­tions fac­tor 50 thick.

For our final fifth episode (boo!), Raven Smith has enlist­ed the help of ser­i­al dater Amelia Dimold­en­berg. She’s tak­en a fair few of the UK’s biggest music acts on dates – to chick­en shops – so we’d like to think she knows a thing or two about the rocky path to true love. They’ll be round­ing up Love Island 2019, dis­cussing the con­tes­tants in the – gasp! – real world, the bril­liance of Amber and Greg win­ning in the shock turn-of-events and… Chris Hemsworth. Enjoy!

Also, you can lis­ten to the entire series on Spo­ti­fy here.


Our fourth episode wel­comes guest and queer heart­throb Olly Alexan­der, also the lead singer of Years & Years. While he’s known for singing a catchy tune or two, he’s also a fierce advo­cate for LGBTQ+ rights, as well as pro­mot­ing safer sex and HIV screen­ings. Def­i­nite­ly sounds like our type on paper. 

Listen now: It Is What It Is with Raven Smith | Episode 4

For our third episode, Raven Smith has enlist­ed the help of Tol­ly Shon­eye who is behind The Receipts: a hilar­i­ous, straight-up pod­cast offer­ing advice on ques­tions such as:​“How do I turn my boyfriend into a hus­band?”. Per­fect for this series, then. 

Listen now: It Is What It Is with Raven Smith | Episode 3

Join Raven Smith and guest Joel Gol­by – author of Bril­liant, Bril­liant, Bril­liant Bril­liant Bril­liant (we think it’s bril­liant) and among one of the most-read con­trib­u­tors at Vice, hav­ing been the brain­child behind Lon­don Rental Oppor­tu­ni­ty of the Week. Known for his sharp wit and dark sense of humour, Rus­sell Brand once described him as a​“lit­tle bas­tard”. So expect offence.

Listen now: It Is What It Is with Raven Smith | Episode 2

Intro­duc­ing our host of the It Is What It Is pod­cast series: Raven Smith. Instagram’s answer to US Week­ly with an opin­ion on all things pop cul­ture, Raven will be joined for the first episode by the hilar­i­ous writer and direc­tor Chris Sweeney, direc­tor of BBC’s acclaimed Back To Life and also co-founder of the award-win­n­ing pod­cast Homosapi­ens, along with Will Young.

Listen now: It Is What It Is with Raven Smith | Episode 1

Each episode has been record­ed at Sounds Stu­dio at The Stan­dard, London

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