My house is your house


Kick your shoes off and get comfy in the trendiest dollhouse – ever – created by failed art-dealer Jeffrey Dalessandro, shot by Larissa Hofmann and styled by Danny Reed in the latest issue of THE FACE.

15th September 2022

Failed art-dealer Jeffrey Dalessandro began making “action figure portraits” during the pandemic, giving them as gifts to posh collectors in the hope they might buy some art (they didn’t). He eventually branched out into the characters he saw in his native New York: Julia Fox asked him to do one of Kanye West, art critic Jerry Saltz carried one around in his pocket until the glasses fell off (the figure’s, not Jerry’s). Now he’s in the new issue of THE FACE making models of models, with his models styled by Danny Reed and photographed by Larissa Hoffman.

Geddit? You meet all sorts in this job…

SET Alice Kirkpatrick SET ASSISTANTS Sophia Wilcox and Columba Willia

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