Pure pleasure


Erotic clowns, super-strong pole dancers and an army of handsome misfits lead the charge in photographer Sharna Osborne and Fashion Editor Danielle Emerson’s sublimely weird world.

14th September 2022

HAIR Franziska Persche at The Together Company MAKE-UP Daniel Sallstrom at MA PRODUCER Sandra Gardiner CASTING Emma Matell TALENT Sabrina Jade, Maty Drazek @ Focus MODEL MANAGEMENT, Xena Henry-Dixon, Circus Girl CASTING Emma Matell PHOTOGRAPHER'S ASSISTANTS Rory Cole and Ed Phillips STYLIST'S ASSISTANTS Borys Korban, Hollie Williamson and Nayoung Lee Kim HAIR ASSISTANT Ash Hill MAKE-UP ASSISTANT Martina Derosa PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Anna Fielding

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