Steven Julien

Producer & Founder of Apron Records

Steven Julien, aka Funkineven, is a London-based producer and DJ who’s all about the groove. From his humble beginnings as a barber in Shepherd’s Bush, Julien was able to perfect his clipper craft before turning his skilled hands to music. Working on his MCing and beatmaking skills behind closed doors, he soon found his way over to NTS where he hosts Steven Julien Presents: The Apron Show each month. Next came his own label Apron Records, an incubator for authentic electronic acts like Greg Beato and Shanti Celeste, and some of Julien’s own work: his Fallen LP, in 2016, and mini-album Bloodline, in 2018. Most recently, Julien documented his relationship with London’s parks and wetlands for THE FACE.