The Face: born in London in 1980, the original, definitive style magazine. Reborn for 2019. Endless discovery for a new generation.

Launched by Nick Logan in Lon­don in 1980, The Face is the orig­i­nal, defin­i­tive style magazine.

From the begin­ning it was a cul­tur­al trail­blaz­er, cov­er­ing music, fash­ion, film, TV, soci­ety, pol­i­tics and glob­al cur­rent affairs. And it cov­ered them with inven­tion, inno­va­tion, wit and class – and not to men­tion with ground­break­ing graph­ic design. 

The gallery of cov­er stars is as eclec­tic as it is icon­ic: from Kate Moss to Alexan­der McQueen, New Order to The Stone Ros­es, Grace Jones to David Beck­ham, Bey­on­cé to Björk. The tal­ent behind the sto­ries was leg­endary, too, as the mag­a­zine worked with the best writ­ers, pho­tog­ra­phers, styl­ists and design­ers in the world. The Face didn’t only report on the cul­ture. It became the cul­ture. For over 25 years, The Face was at the heart of British and inter­na­tion­al creativity.

Now, in 2019, The Face is reborn. A new team with a new vision for a new age, but proud­ly retain­ing the magazine’s found­ing vision and core prin­ci­pals. A for­ward-think­ing, mul­ti-plat­form title stay­ing true to Logan’s pio­neer­ing spirit.

The Face will con­tin­ue to cham­pi­on fresh tal­ent in music, fash­ion, TV, film and beyond; fly the flag for provoca­tive, rig­or­ous, long-form jour­nal­ism; and cel­e­brate the best in style and graph­ic design. It is a space for immer­sive, dynam­ic, mul­ti-faceted sto­ries. It is a space for fun, pas­sion and enthusiasm.

Relaunched and reimag­ined as the​face​.com in April. Res­ur­rect­ed as a quar­ter­ly print mag­a­zine start­ing with the Sep­tem­ber issue.

The Face is back. Still orig­i­nal, still defin­i­tive. End­less dis­cov­ery for a new generation.


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