Why do so many Black Brits want to leave the UK?

When Windrush brought Black immigrants to the UK in the 1950s, they came with the promise of a better life. Now, that generation's grandchildren want to leave the country in search of the very same thing.

Hard place: the battle for Stonehenge

The government is barrelling ahead with a road-building plan near the sacred site of Stonehenge. But this isn’t just a matter for “sentimental historians or tree-hugging Extinction Rebellion activists”. This is about our past, present and future.

Inside a drug consumption room

As the UK heads towards an opioid crisis, Scotland has announced it will be opening drug consumption rooms. Here’s what happens inside a facility like that.

Why the government ban on nos won’t work

By the end of 2023, laughing gas will be treated as a Class-C controlled substance, which could result in two years in prison for possessing nos and 14 years for supplying it. What’s the point?

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