Gobble mode: 2022 was the year of food-related scandals

From James Corden’s yolk-only omelette and Olivia Wilde’s marriage-ending vinaigrette to Lettuce Liz and the tofu-eating wokerati, the last 12 months have proven we’re hungry for drama at every turn – especially the edible kind.

Meet Britain’s most controversial protesters

This year, climate activists targeted everything from a Van Gogh painting to a Captain Tom statue. Their actions drew anger from a sizeable proportion of the public. So, why are they willing to put it all on the line?

This Is England… Probably

Just over a year ago, the England team were heroes. Now they’re heading to a World Cup mired in death and corruption, with a palpable lack of “it’s coming home” energy.

We need a general election now

Under the UK’s parliamentary system, the Tories are entitled to select a leader without calling a general election. But to do so would stretch the fabric of our democracy to breaking point.

Can clubbing make you gay?

A newly-published paper, Berghain: Space, Affect and Sexual Disorientation, examines how nightlife can shape our sexualities. Simon Doherty speaks to its researcher to find out more.

The policing of grief needs to stop

People are being arrested and berated online for anti-monarchy statements. Why does i feel less like a mourning period and more like an order of forced compliance?

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