Feeling hot? Hydrate your skin with these heat-proof moisturisers

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Does switching up your skincare routine make you feel like you’re a living science experiment? Do bonkers 10-step skincare regimens – the kind that became standardised and popularised by A‑listers a few years ago – make your skin crawl? We get it. It’s overwhelming. But as the weather shifts, so should your routine: subtracting or adding key ingredients or products is good skin logic. And we’re here to help you make it make sense.

We might not yet be experiencing a heatwave in the UK (wishful thinking), despite the fact that a solid hot summer has been promised. But it’s not just sun, sweat and soaring temperatures that see a change in our skin. It’s important to note that factors like stress, ageing, hormonal imbalance and pollution all impact the quality and appearance of our dermis – as do late nights and too many bevs in the beer garden or park.

As things warm up, you might find your skin is more prone to breakouts if you’re still using heavy oils and balms. Now you’ve switched your radiators off, you may also find your skin is still on the dry side. No two of us are made the same, but we’ve tried to make things simple. Here’s our pick of the best face creams based on your skin concerns and desires to see out this summer shine-free.

Combination skin

Your skin feels… both dried out and prone to pimples. You may find it tempting to only apply moisturiser on the areas that feel dehydrated but this isn’t always wise. Your skin is smart and will continue to produce excess sebum in order to hydrate those other areas.

Why not try… Khiel’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cream, ideal for balmy days and nights. This cream promises an 18 per cent reduction in oil in just three days” and is lightweight and cool. Try layering it on top of a lightweight hyaluronic-infused serum, like this from Medik8, for moisture that lasts without being overpowering.

Dry skin

Your skin feels… drier and visibly more dull, with larger pores and less elasticity. There’s a tendency for drier skin types to slap on the oil and hope for the best, but not all oils are made equal. The sunshine and warm weather will dry out skin even further, so any moisturisers that also contain SPFs are ideal for this skin type.

Why not try… Cult brand de Mamiel and their Summer Facial Oil. Created by facialist Annee de Mamiel, this oil contains intensely hydrating evening primrose and rosehip seed oils, both of which are high in antioxidants and fatty acids. It’s balanced with other ingredients such as echium that will fight damage and dryness without adding the dreaded shine to your skin. Also, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: these old-school DHC blotting papers are handy to have in your handbag when things are heating up.

Oily skin

Your skin feels… prone to blemishes, clogged with visibly enlarged pores. For people who suffer from oily skin, hot weather can be triggering. Walk away from the skin-stripping toners and the pore-clogging powders. But don’t fret: there’s a whole host of smart new science-backed products to help dial down the glow. Sometimes your skin will go into overdrive producing oil if it feels like you’re attempting to dry it out, so despite what feels like counter logic, adding moisture can help balance skin.

Why not try… Murad’s Oil and Pore Control Mattifier SPF 45. Not only does this moisturiser have in-built SPF which is critical, it also blurs the appearance of visible pores and keeps the shine away (in fact, it promises ten hours of shine-free hydration”). Don’t be afraid to keep using oils alongside moisturisers when it’s warmest, but just opt for something nifty like Vintner’s Daughter serum that promises to combat excess sebum instead.

Mature skin

Your skin feels… dehydrated, slack and lined. First of all, that’s what it does, our skin – it ages, so it’s best to enjoy some of the wrinkles and creases that come with the late nights, too!

Why not try… N°1 De CHANEL Revitalising Cream. It’s infused with red camellia extract, an active ingredient that’s supposed to boost cellular vitality, and red camellia oil, to combat fine lines and act as a barrier between the skin and urban polluters. Follow with a solid factor 50 SPF next.

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