Thaiboy Digital’s daily beauty rituals: superfoods and writing verses

The Drain Gang-banger dishes the dirt on his strict skincare regime and favourite products for that all-day glow.

Thaiboy Digital has never been content with doing just one thing.

Aside from being part of pioneering alt-hip-hop collective Drain Gang, alongside Bladee, Ecco2k and Whitearmor, the musician, producer and designer is gearing up for the release this Friday of his third solo album, Back 2 Life.

As a taster, Thaiboy released his euphoric single True Love last month. Featuring frequent DG collaborator Yung Lean, the Thai rapper waxes lyrical, fittingly, about the power of unconditional love – I’m a king, shit, just like Wukong /​Your heart is where I belong” – via distorted vocals and synthy production.

Thaiboy has been part of the Stockholm-founded Drain Gang for a decade. Even by their standards, it’s been a big year for the group with the mass cult following, with members releasing critically acclaimed solo projects, notably Bladee’s recent album, Spiderr.

Having grown up between Bangkok and Sweden, Thaiboy speaks four languages and moved back to Thailand in 2015. He now lives there with his wife and daughter, who was born in 2020 and to whom True Love is fittingly dedicated to.

Beyond making rave-ready beats and gearing up for more success with Back 2 Life, we caught up with Thaiboy about his daily beauty rituals. A good thing – we were starting to wonder about that flawless skin. Envious, nous?

I wake up at…

Around 7 or 8am.

The first thing I do is…

Go and get some milk for my daughter.

My skincare regime in the morning looks like.…

I start by washing my face with the Youth To The People superfood cleanser. Then I use a Paula’s Choice Exfoliator, put on a CosRx moisturising cream and finish with a hyaluronic acid sun gel for SPF.

My favourite morning products are…

Probably the ones I just mentioned! I changed my routine a few times before this set-up.


Of how my skin is, this routine is perfect for it.

My worst beauty habits are…

Skipping the above routine.

My favourite feature is my…

Probably my lips.

My first beauty-related memory is…

Doing modelling shoots and having to put make-up on.

Where are you headed today?

To the Japanese market.

What tasks have you got to get done?

Finish a verse I started last night.


Do you work out?

Sometimes. I wish I did more.

Are you taking any supplements?


What’s for lunch today?

Kushiyaki and yakisoba.

How do you relax?

Kush and going on holiday.

Do you listen to anything in the evening?

I listen to anything, really, as a way to set a mood for the evening. Lots of one-hour mixes where people be playing random songs, but lots of them set a chill mood.

Burn any candles? Have a bath?

I light candles every night. Living in Thailand, it’s really hot, so we sometimes bathe two or three times a day.

What products do you use at night?

I use the same ones as my morning routine, minus the sunscreen.

What’s the best beauty hack you’ve ever learned and why?

It’s not really a hack, but just learning how to take care of myself and have a clean face.

Bedtime is at…

Midnight, maybe 1 or 2am if I’m gaming.

How do you sleep…

Pretty easily.

I’ve been dreaming of…

I can’t remember right now, but I always dream about some weird stuff with weird vibes…

Back 2 Life is released on Year0001 on Friday 18th November

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