BRUJAS’ Anti-Prom party kicks off Pride

This is NYC Pride under Trump’s America, and there’s only a slim chance the queerest skateboard collective are going to come quietly...

Who are BRUJAS, you ask? They’re an organisation making waves through their radical political stances, and parties which seek to turn heads and get people talking about queer issues. Expressing themselves through art, skateboarding and political organising, BRUJAS are creatively-fuelled, forward-thinking and making their mark on youth culture.

Kicking off Pride month this year and in response to the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, BRUJAS and The Skate Kitchen have joined forces to host the fourth Anti-Prom party. With Cardi B performing last year, who knows what surprises are in store for those the collectives in New York. But with the party being held at Lucky Cheng’s cabaret – a liberal space which has hosted drag shows for 25 years, it’s sure to be a candy-coloured affair.

For now though, we spoke to Arianna Gil, Ripley Soprano and Taj Francois of BRUJAS to get the juice from what we can expect.

Listen below:

Listen now: Arianna Gil

Flyer for tomorrow’s event

Listen now: Ripley Soprano
Listen now: Taj Francois

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