Five emerging rug makers to follow

Homemade rugs are the latest trend to blow up on TikTok and Instagram. Here we profile our favourite tufters flipping their hobby into a side hustle.

Like it or not, you’re going to be spending a lot of time at home this winter. After a short stint socialising over summer, it’s back to hunkering down, so you better get your gaff ready.

Lucky for you, these five rug makers are here to help. Gone are the days of Moroccan knock-offs and those weird stripey runners; instead, nestle your feet on a selection of homemade tufted masterpieces. Perfect for zhooshing up your living room while simultaneously keeping your toes toasty as the temperatures plummet.

Scroll below for oversized floor throws, gummy bear rugs and attention-seeking pieces to dominate your yard.



Too Tuft To Die is the playful Californian rug maker crafting devilish pieces for your humble abode. The selection spans a skull and crossbones, a horned baby Satan and a Halloween-ready Casper the Friendly Ghost.

What started as a lockdown project to keep the founder – who was unable to work her usual 9 – 5 hairstylist job – busy is now a booming business that has left Too Tuft To Die inundated with commissions. So much so she’s currently closed the books while she catches up with the backlog.

As each rug is hand-tufted, a commission can take anywhere from a day and a week to produce but, trust us, it’s worth the wait – press follow to keep tabs.



Daisy Tortuga is first and foremost an illustrator, but she’s never used materials traditionally associated with the craft. For years I was mainly using wax and mould-making. I also love to sew, knit and embroider,” explains the Kingston University graduate.

However, it wasn’t until her final year that she stumbled into rug making, and has since kept her two feet in the trade. Check out her feed for fluffy floor ornaments resembling off-licence staples like Cherry Bs and fantastical full english breakfast spreads.



LoCarpet Craft is a streetwear-affiliated rug maker hailing from Indonesia. Founded by Adi Puguh Pangeksi – a rug producer with five years of experience – at the start of Covid-19, the switched-on entrepreneur noticed a growing desire for custom design rugs.

It didn’t take long for Hypebeasts to swoop on to the account, requesting eight-feet-tall KAWs Companion” rugs, piles of Nike x Sacai LDV Waffle Daybreaks and Takashi Murakami flower replicas. Remember, DMs are open, so slide in with whatever design fantasties keep you up at night.



As seen in The FACE issue 004 furniture portfolio, Sam Lepard is the 28-year-old rug designer whose on-the-nose, tongue-in-cheek creations are blowing up on the gram. Whether it’s big, pink, smiley-faced vibrators, or human-sized Kellogg’s Frosties cereal boxes, Lepard never toes the line. It’s an attitude that’s bagged him a legion of fans, including CEO of Chicken Shop Date Ameila Dimoldenberg and photographer Charlotte Patmore. Go on, join em in getting some Lepard yarn for your yard.

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