Make it rain! Lucien Smith and adidas collaborate for a good cause

Photography by Nolan Zangas

In a project produced by skate-mag Sneeze and funded by adidas Originals, the artist and filmmaker recreates his iconic Rain Painting technique onto exclusive sneakers – and he‘s made a short film, Fire Finder, to go alongside it.

Drop everything! From 10th June, you’ll have a chance to get your hands on LA-born artist and filmmaker Lucien Smith‘s brand new sneaker collab with adidas. Two hundred customised pairs of Forum sneakers will be released in aid of Smith’s nonprofit, Serving the People, an art mentorship scheme that helps young artists navigate the big bad world of galleries and commercial buyers. Now, STP is also branching out into music and other creative disciplines.

Each pair of shoes has been personalised at Spring Studios in New York, using Smith’s legendary Rain Painting technique, pioneered back in 2011 after he executed an abstract painting series of the same name. Smith created each one by filling fire extinguishers with paint and spraying them on canvas – a method that has now been reimagined onto sneakers.

Fittingly, and alongside New York director Rick Rocha, Smith has created a short film entitled Fire Finder to support the collaboration. Set at Spring Studios, it takes a surreal, comedic turn, poking affectionate fun at the creative industries Smith and his peers have long been a part of.

Starring as the protagonist, Smith plays a fireman who erratically works his way through a series of fine art, acting, music, dance and skateboarding vignettes, much to the dismay of an eye-rolling receptionist played by Julia Fox (of Uncut Gems fame, no less).

If that’s not enough, the film also features cameos from the likes of musician Arsun Sorrenti, writer and poet Anthony Haden-Guest, photographer Tasmin Meyer Ersahin and LA skater Kevin White, all of whom are highly celebrated in their fields. Who knows, the Lucien Smith X adidas collab could help produce one of the 21st century’s next great artists, too.

The sneakers and funding for Fire Finder has been provided by adidas Originals, and the project is produced by Sneeze LLC. The Forum sneakers are available to purchase here.

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