Wait, did Rihanna and A$AP Rocky tie the knot?

“Marry me?” and “I do” grillz in A$AP Rocky’s new music video for D.M.B. hint that the pair may have quietly hitched.

Stop scrolling! There’s important gossip to unpack. A$AP Rocky just dropped the music video for his latest track D.M.B. and it seems to hint that he and Rihanna might have got married.

Let’s recap: Riri and A$AP are madly in love, having gone on a mega road trip during lockdown and getting preggers last year. It’s all very cute, with the pair lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes in paparazzi shots, Riri’s belly on full show, A$AP’s face all enamoured and glowy. The pair are clearly deeply committed to each other – like, let’s create a human we will have to co-parent for the rest of our lives committed – and they’ve cemented themselves as 2022’s hottest power couple. But wedding bells? Alas, we didn’t hear them.

Until now, that is. While we’re waiting for the baby to drop, A$AP satisfied our cravings for more content from the couple with new music and a video to boot. The track in question, D.M.B., is a love song of sorts, with lyrics like My angel and my Goddess, when my head get clouded, My head get cloudy, my thoughts get cloudy, You’re my soulmate, my Goddess” setting the scene for the couple’s self-coined ghetto love tale.”

As such, Rihanna features heavily in the video. What makes us think the pair might have got hitched, you ask? Well, the pair don a pretty romantic pair of grillz in the New York-set music video. Marry me?” read Rocky’s as he flashes a grin. I do,” smiles Rihanna back. This of course begs the question: did Riri and A$AP secretly get married? And if so, where are the pics?!?

To further validify this entirely speculative news, Rihanna also wears a red veiled look as what looks like confetti is showered over the couple, while A$AP wears a tailored suit. It’s official(ish). Rihanna is now Mrs A$AP Rocky. Or maybe he’s A$AP Fenty?

Whether A$AP Rocky and Ri are actually married is yet to be confirmed, but for now, this is enough goss’ to keep us satisfied until that little bundle of joy pops out. Congrats to the happy couple!

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