Saltburn is this year’s most talked-about UK film

Podcast: This week we dig into Emerald Fennell's darkly comic second film, with a little help from Saltburn star Archie Madekwe.

It’s Saltburn season. The highly-anticipated British film has just hit cinemas and it’s bound to cause a stir thanks to a red-hot cast (Jacob Elordi, Barry Keoghan, Archie Madekwe), brilliantly cringe-worthy 00s fashion and shocking sex scenes.

So for this week’s episode of The Face Podcast, our Editorial team chats about the soundtrack and film’s satisfying satirical sting, before Archie calls in to talk about the honour of working with the film’s director writer and director Emerald Fennell. Oh, and we’ve done our best to avoid spoilers – so you’re safe to press play if you haven’t seen the film yet.

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HOST Matthew Whitehouse EXECUTIVE EDITOR Davy Reed EDITOR Hunter Charlton DIGITAL DIRECTOR Brooke McCord MUSIC Louis Culture

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