Super­fan: Beth Dit­to as Divine

Introducing Superfan, our new series in which a contemporary icon meets the classic, like a green tea-infused four-finger Kit Kat.

Everything’s icon­ic” these days, isn’t it? A decent sand­wich, a trip to Los Ange­les, the weath­er – icon­ic! But what real­ly makes an icon? It’s not sim­ply some­thing that is good, tasty, or enjoy­able. It’s some­thing, or some­one, that deserves the utmost respect. Some­thing so good it’s appro­pri­at­ed by the mass­es. Some­thing which chal­lenges the sta­tus quo. An icon is an almighty influ­ence. A cat­a­lyst for the super­fans that follow.

Cue: Super­fan, our new orig­i­nal series in which we’ll be fea­tur­ing mod­ern, actu­al icons from the worlds of music, fash­ion, sport and film. The cho­sen ones will tell their sto­ry of ulti­mate fan­dom. Expect an oral his­to­ry of an icon as told by their – famous – num­ber one fan. Think Stars In Their Eyes, but less camp and with bet­ter pro­duc­tion. And sad­ly no Matthew Kelly.

Star­ring in our inau­gur­al episode is the almighty Beth Dit­to, the ever-out­spo­ken front­woman of Gos­sip. A mod­ern punk with a mid­dle Amer­i­ca drawl, Beth is as well known for her seri­ous set of pipes as she is for her on-stage antics. 

Today, Beth becomes Divine, the Amer­i­can actor, singer and drag queen, known for his col­lab­o­ra­tions with trans­gres­sive direc­tor John Waters and for embody­ing punk way before punk exist­ed. But we’ll let Beth tell you all about that.

So before you want to throw icon­ic!” around again, have a think. Is it as icon­ic as Divine eat­ing dog shit in Pink Flamin­gos? Nah, didn’t think so.

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