Missy Flynn

Co-owner of food and drink collective Rita's.

Where were you born and where are you based? London, UK.

Song you want playing when entering the club: I don’t enter clubs very often these days but maybe the theme tune from Eastenders – to get everyone prepared for some high drama.

What’s a book that changed your life? Alice Waters’s Coming to My Senses: The Making of a Counterculture Cook. It’s about the opening of Chez Panisse. Waters is so intrepid, yet honest and real. The book is about food, but it’s also about people, politics, culture, and activism. I love looking at food through her filters.

When do you feel most happy? Every day when I wake up and don’t have to go work for someone else, that’s a nice feeling.

What’s your favourite tipple? I will never say no to a well-made margarita or a little copita of mezcal from Oaxaca. I say this a lot, but I find something just so mesmerising about the way agave spirits are crafted. It’s magic.

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