Nadine Artois

DJ and co-founder of Pxssy Palace – the club night and collective that prioritises womxn and queer/intersex/trans people of colour.

Where were you born and where are you based? Born in Glasgow, Scotland. Based in London, England.

What’s a book that changed your life? Decolonizing Trans/gender 101 by B. Binaohan.

You can only listen to three albums for the rest of your life. What are they?

  • The Very Best of Prince, Prince
  • In Utero, Nirvana
  • Anti, Rihanna

The five guests you’d invite to your dream dinner: Prince, DJ Radical Sista, bell hooks, Violet Chachki, and Whitney Houston.

The year is 2019, who are you putting on the cover of The Face? Munroe Bergdorf.

You’re about to book a one-way ticket to… Sri Lanka.

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