24 hours in Fan­ches­ter: Man­ches­ter City Parade

I’m City ‘till I die/I’m City ‘till I die/I know I am I’m sure I am/I'm City ‘till I die.

With the FA cup, Pre­mier League tro­phy and the Carabo Cup all firm­ly back on home turf, Man­ches­ter City fans have every rea­son to be over the Blue Moon. To pay their respects, loy­al devo­tees flocked to the Town Hall and lined them­selves along Peter Street and Deans­gate, all in the hope of get­ting glimpse of the tre­ble-win­ning heroes. 

Dis­ci­ples pil­grimed from Wythen­shawe, Chorl­ton, Old­ham, Traf­ford, Stock­port and Bolton, with a few strag­glers from Cheshire also show­ing face. Don­ning sky blue foot­ball shirts and wav­ing yel­low banana inflat­a­bles, excitable chil­dren and impas­sioned adults went into a fren­zy as the team rode past on an open top bus. 

From three mouthy boys atop a brick wall lead­ing the crowd with their impres­sive chant skills, to the die-hard footy vet­er­ans, and a fid­gety group of sib­lings thrilled to have left school ear­ly – onlook­ers watched as favourite Eder­son Moraes banged the edge of the bus, while chant­i­ng, Blue moon/​You saw me stand­ing alone/​Without a dream in my heart/​Without a love of my own.”

What makes Man­ches­ter city bet­ter than Man­ches­ter Unit­ed?

Har­ry, 8: They’ve got a bet­ter manager. 

Who’s your favourite player? 

Both: Ser­gio agüero.

What’s your favourite shop? 

Har­ry: J.D.

Sean, 5: Sports Direct. 

Where in Man­ches­ter do you live?

Jack, 10
: Wythen­shawe. Near where Maine Road [Man­ches­ter City’s for­mer foot­ball sta­di­um] use to be in Moss side. 

How do the Man­ches­ter City fans dif­fer to Man­ches­ter Unit­ed fans?

All the city fans I know have been fans for 30 – 40 years. They have been die hard fans even when they have been down in the dumps. They have stuck with them through thick and thin. Through all the trou­bles and through all the ups and downs. Man­ches­ter city fans are loy­al fans.

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