Chloe Moriondo’s daily beauty rituals: cry-proof eye cream and Pokémon

As she gears up for life on tour, the eclectic alt-popstar lets us in on a few sacred self-care secrets.

If you want a quick rundown of this season’s biggest beauty trends, look no further than Chloe Moriondo’s latest music video. With spidery falsies, bold blue eyeshadow, slick gelled hair and enough charms on her nails to put your old Nomination bracelet to shame, Moriondo’s glam ticks almost every box in Plastic Purse. The rest of the trends are covered by her mates: bright red hair, graphic eyeliner, chunky highlights… you get the drift.

But obviously, a beauty binge isn’t the only reason you should tune into Plastic Purse. Taken from her just-released album SUCKERPUNCH, the track is a delicious, delirious slice of revenge pop, as she takes aim at stupid indie boys who take advantage of girls, picturing them as these tiny little creatures that I scoop up and then throw into a plastic purse.” And that’s exactly what happens in the video.

Both the track and the visual are a perfect distillation of what this 20-year-old is all about. Irreverent and eclectic with a healthy dose of angst, Moriondo is the kind of artist who feels at home on a hyperpop-leaning love song as much as a drum’n’bass’n’chill track – you’ll find both on SUCKERPUNCH, naturally, via Fruity and Cdbaby<3.

It’s only fitting, then, that this varied approach to music also extends to her beauty regime. While the blink-and-you-still-won’t‑miss-’em lashes are a firm makeup mainstay, Moriondo’s no stranger to experimenting with her look. And as she embarks on a mega tour this month, eventually reaching the UK next February, a solid self-care routine is more important than ever on the road. How does she squeeze it all in? We caught up with Chloe Moriondo to find out.

I wake up…

Any time between 9am and 12pm if I’m at home. I’m mostly on tour these days, though, so it’s usually 7 to 10ish.

The first thing I do is…

Go to the bathroom and then lay flat for a while, checking my phone for notifications and emails. It’s maybe not the healthiest thing to do immediately upon waking up, but I’m a busy girl at the moment. Lots on the mind. I eat as soon as I can, during or after that. I’m trying really hard to keep my nutrition consistent, at least!

My skincare regimen in the morning looks like.…

I like to wash my face and then apply some form of toner or anti-acne product before SPF and moisturiser. My skincare isn’t too extensive and I often have mornings where I’m too rushed or groggy to do parts or even all of it. When I’m on tour, it’s mostly just washing and moisturising, but that might change for this next one. I’m trying my best to take care of myself.

My favourite morning products are…

I swear by the Youth To The People Superfood Cleanser – a lot of their products interact well with my skin. I also love the Cocokind Daily SPF. There’s also this pineapple eye cream that my partner uses and I steal while at home, but I can’t remember the brand. It could be gimmicky, but I think it makes the skin around my eyes feel nice, especially cause I’m an emotional girl who cries a lot.

My worst beauty habits are…

I forget to wash my face a lot because I get so tired. I will also pick at my skin for days – blackheads and whiteheads.

My favourite feature is my…

Eyes, maybe. I’ve found it hard to make peace with my face and self as a whole, but I don’t mind my ocular orbs from time to time. I’m learning to like them without [false] lashes.

My first beauty-related memory is…

Watching my mum do her makeup in my parents’ bathroom. I liked the smell of Mary Kay lipstick a lot.

Where are you headed today?

I’m staying in tonight. I’m home for the next few weeks before heading out on the first SUCKERPUNCH headline tour!

What tasks have you got to get done?

I have some more interviews to do, some signed CD covers to ship and a new apartment to furnish.

Do you work out?

I try, but it’s hard with so much on your plate. I’m learning to compartmentalise tour life and moving into my new place before getting a new [gym] membership… I’m also still trying to cancel my current one.

Are you taking any supplements?

I was, but once again fell out of it. I should probably get back into it.

What’s for lunch today?

My partner made us carbonara. It was delicious.

How do you relax?

I like to play Pokémon Arceus when I can. I also like to do nothing but be on my phone and take naps intermittently. Being outside is also really nice.

Do you listen to anything in the evening?

[Mort Garson’s] Mother Earth’s Plantasia is a good ambient album to fill the space and stimulate the ears lightly, which is important to me and my silly little brain. I also don’t mind when my partner plays her Italian cooking music.

Burn any candles? Have a bath?

I love candles. They’re everywhere in the apartment. I haven’t taken a bath in it yet, but we have the lavender salts. The time will come.

What products do you use at night?

I use similar products to the ones I use in the morning, plus a heavier YTTP cream I can’t remember the name of. Sometimes I’ll use some sort of clay or honey mask.

What’s the best beauty hack you’ve ever learned and why?

Don’t oversimplify it and focus on what you need for your specific skin [type]. It helps me spend less money and hone in on what I really need for myself.

What’s the last product you apply before you sleep?

Probably some sort of eye cream. The YTTP one is good, but once again I have a soft spot for the one my partner uses.

Bedtime is at…

Anywhere between 10pm and 3am. I get carried away really easily with so much to do, even at home. It’s harder on tour too, but this next one might be a bit easier on me sleep-wise.

How do you sleep?

Like a baby, once I get to it. I get really distracted by my phone and video games at night, because sometimes it’s the only chunk of time I can focus on stuff like that. That keeps me up later for sure.

I’ve been dreaming of…

Not too much. I don’t often remember my dreams. When I do dream it’s sometimes really scary or relevant shit.. My dreams are always really intense, even when they’re good.

SUCKERPUNCH is available to stream now.

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