From fox eyes to thread lifts: 2021’s hottest tweakments

London’s Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe, AKA SKNDOCTOR, talks us through the new, most popular non-surgical treatments that everyone's booking in for

If you’re a beauty junkie and you don’t follow the @SKNDOCTOR clinic account – or, in fact, the woman behind the needle, Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe – what have you been doing?

When Dr Ewoma first opened up her London Clinic, she cut through the noise. Her personal and elevated approach to fillers, botox, and science-led facials set her apart from the competition.

It’s too easy to compare Dr Ewoma’s approach to tweakments to Glossier’s approach to cosmetics (the two happen to be long standing collaborators), but it’s an obvious comparison for good reason. Both Ewoma and Glossier tapped into the public’s desire for a more inclusive, diverse and personal approach to beauty. Ewoma’s own Instagram has a cult following that can largely be put down to her utterly candid take on everything from dermal fillers to her previous career in the NHS, colourism to periods. She’s no holds barred and we love her for it.


Black and brown women, who are often overlooked when it comes to the development of cosmetic treatments, clamour to Dr Ewoma’s clinic to find refuge, insider knowledge and a large dose of relatability. Others flock for uber natural filler results – or to find out if the buzz around her sci-fi facials lives up to the Insta hype.

Anyone who’s visited SKNDOCTOR will know that one of Dr Ewoma’s favourite phrases is think about it.” Her slow and steady approach has promoted trust within her almost entirely repeat customer base. I think it’s important that people properly consider what they want, rather than making decisions on impulse,” she says. But similarly, small tweakments are the best way to go when wanting to target key concerns. Your face will still look like your face and the tweaks will be subtle, rather than major changes. At SKNDOCTOR, we like the natural, undetectable look too.”

So, has the injectables Zoom Boom felt real as a doctor running her own clinic? Absolutely! I’ve seen a significant uptick in newbies considering injectables – super natural women who you would never think would do them. This has been driven by people over analysing and critiquing their appearance. I would actually say it’s possibly bordering on problematic and unhealthy at times,” says Dr Ewoma.

With that in mind, we sat down with London’s favourite filler administrator and got the scoop on her predictions for developing tweakment trends.

Jawline Contouring

Why it will be popular: I can see this being a major one. With Zoom calls on a daily basis, we’ve started to feel a little more self-conscious of our double chins. Chin filler will add definition and sculpting.

Who it’s ideal for: Anyone wanting more definition and the appearance of a razor sharp jawline without using makeup.

Neck Lift

Why it will be popular: I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about so-called tech neck’. Constant and long periods of time spent looking down at a screen or on calls can not only hurt our back, it can also cause the delicate skin on our neck to prematurely age, as receptively looking down can exacerbate wrinkles beneath our jaw. Overtime, the strong muscles of the neck can pull down the lower parts of our face. A neck lift cures this and softens the vertical lines of the neck on expression.

Who it’s ideal for: Anyone more mature and those concerned about the dreaded tech neck.

Non-surgical nose job with fillers or threads nose

Why it will be popular: A lot of us are avoiding going under the knife where possible, especially since lockdown, when we appreciated our health even more. When tweakments come around that produce the same results as surgical procedures, they are naturally popular. These are a major trend in Asia and Australia.

Who it’s ideal for: The non-surgical nose job corrects bumps and facilitates a more contoured appearance in as little as fifteen minutes. It’s perfect for anyone with concerns about the look of their nose.

Cat Eye Lift

Why it will be popular: Non-surgical brow lifts have really been having their moment, with lots of people on a quest for Bella Hadid style fox eyes. A non-surgical brow lift involves inserting a really small dissolvable thread into the face and pulling up the skin.

Who it’s ideal for: Any one after the fox-eye, face-tuned look.

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