The Big Mood: Rihanna’s Bag For Life

One week, one mood: Moya Lothian-Mclean’s deep-dive into the feel of the week.

This week’s mood: Rihanna’s Bag For Life.

Rihanna is one of the best selling-musicians of all time. She has launched a pioneering beauty empire, a lingerie line bearing her name and is about to become the first ever black woman to helm a LVMH fashion label.

Yet no matter how high a person may ascend, it seems atop their mountain of achievement stands a flagpole, a Bag For Life affixed and flapping the wind. Rihanna is clearly proud of her bag and the savvy thriftiness it conveys – she put it front and centre in an Instagram story featuring her posing for goddaughter, Majesty.

Rihanna wants you to know that she’s no fairweather Sainsbury’s customer. She’s going in for more than a hungover Lucozade and a slope round the deli counter. A Bag for Life is serious business; it’s a commitment. It’s no 5p throwaway.

A Bag for Life means regular Big Shops, of the sort that was dreaded as a child because you knew it would be up to you to heft all those goods from the car to the house. I carried you for nine months,” your mum would remind you when you moaned but honestly, if you’ve already done all that Ruth, what’s a few more bags?

Rihanna’s got a Bag for Life and she’s going to use it, time and time again. Rihanna wants to save money, and maybe the environment too (although her jet use has probably offset that a bit, tbh).

It’s been a week of great levellers. Death proved inescapable for both a tranquilised cat worth £100m and a fictional queen, who had her nine year character arc spunked up the wall to boot. Right wing demagogues were brought low by dairy products, showing up the previous strategy of invite them onto BBC Politics Live on a frequent basis’ as somewhat ineffective. Brand interaction on Twitter reached its natural conclusion when a social media manager pissed in a jar to uh, sell coconut water.

But Rihanna posing near a Sainsbury’s Bag For Life? The biggest leveller of them all. Big mood.

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