The Big Mood: Rihanna’s Bag For Life

One week, one mood: Moya Lothian-Mclean’s deep-dive into the feel of the week.

This week’s mood: Rihanna’s Bag For Life.

Rihan­na is one of the best sell­ing-musi­cians of all time. She has launched a pio­neer­ing beau­ty empire, a lin­gerie line bear­ing her name and is about to become the first ever black woman to helm a LVMH fash­ion label.

Yet no mat­ter how high a per­son may ascend, it seems atop their moun­tain of achieve­ment stands a flag­pole, a Bag For Life affixed and flap­ping the wind. Rihan­na is clear­ly proud of her bag and the savvy thrifti­ness it con­veys – she put it front and cen­tre in an Insta­gram sto­ry fea­tur­ing her pos­ing for god­daugh­ter, Majesty.

Rihan­na wants you to know that she’s no fair­weath­er Sainsbury’s cus­tomer. She’s going in for more than a hun­gover Lucozade and a slope round the deli counter. A Bag for Life is seri­ous busi­ness; it’s a com­mit­ment. It’s no 5p throwaway. 

A Bag for Life means reg­u­lar Big Shops, of the sort that was dread­ed as a child because you knew it would be up to you to heft all those goods from the car to the house. I car­ried you for nine months,” your mum would remind you when you moaned but hon­est­ly, if you’ve already done all that Ruth, what’s a few more bags? 

Rihanna’s got a Bag for Life and she’s going to use it, time and time again. Rihan­na wants to save mon­ey, and maybe the envi­ron­ment too (although her jet use has prob­a­bly off­set that a bit, tbh).

It’s been a week of great lev­ellers. Death proved inescapable for both a tran­quilised cat worth £100m and a fic­tion­al queen, who had her nine year char­ac­ter arc spunked up the wall to boot. Right wing dem­a­gogues were brought low by dairy prod­ucts, show­ing up the pre­vi­ous strat­e­gy of invite them onto BBC Pol­i­tics Live on a fre­quent basis’ as some­what inef­fec­tive. Brand inter­ac­tion on Twit­ter reached its nat­ur­al con­clu­sion when a social media man­ag­er pissed in a jar to uh, sell coconut water.

But Rihan­na pos­ing near a Sainsbury’s Bag For Life? The biggest lev­eller of them all. Big mood.

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