Curat­ed by Amy Tay­lor: The Snif­fers’ vocal­ist on Australia’s punk scene

Rising from Melbourne’s scuzzy punk community, Amyl and The Sniffers’ rowdy frontwoman recommends some Aussie peers.

If you’ve seen Mel­bourne band Amyl and the Snif­fers live late­ly it’ll come as no sur­prise that one of Amy Taylor’s favourite words is row­dy’. She fre­quent­ly throws her­self all over the stage, hyper­ac­tive­ly head-bang­ing and jump­ing into the crowd. Amyl and the Snif­fers’ raw, self-titled album is a joy to behold – blend­ing pub rock, punk and glam with fero­cious ener­gy – and they’ve earned the rep of being one of the bands you have to see in the flesh this sum­mer. While loy­al to their scuzzy aes­thet­ic, band have also cement­ed a rela­tion­ship with Guc­ci, hav­ing walked the run­way for the fash­ion house in Sici­ly and appeared in its Pre-Fall col­lec­tion this year.

The Snif­fers have grown from an amaz­ing under­ground punk scene – both Mel­bourne and Syd­ney have great ones. I didn’t real­ly know there were female musi­cians until I moved to Mel­bourne,” Amy says. I remem­ber watch­ing all the dudes on stage at home [on the coast] and being like, Fuck. I want to do that.” When I moved, peo­ple were intro­duc­ing me to all these bands, and it was a whole world I didn’t even know existed.”

While chat­ting to The Face about her favourite bands who’ve emerged from the Aussie punk com­mu­ni­ty that raised her, a hun­dred bands came into Amy’s head, and she had to work hard to nar­row them down. Here’s her final list – though she did text us to add Stiff Richards after.

Drunk Mums

In Mel­bourne, I think we’re spoiled. You can go out any night of the week and there are five great bands play­ing. Drunk Mums are prob­a­bly one of the bands who inspired us to start out. They’re so good. They’re rock n’ roll, down to earth kind of shit, and they always put on a row­dy live show.” 


A lot of good music comes off this label called ANTI FADE records. They have some of the best bands. [Gee­long band] The Hiero­phants album just came out – I don’t even know what genre it is, because I’m not that good at gen­res – it’s just real­ly good. There’s some real­ly sweet songs and real­ly good lyrics and just this creepy over­tone, which I real­ly like.” 


Con­crete Lawn

There are a bunch of lock­out laws in Syd­ney, so in the city, venues shut ear­ly because they’re try­ing to stop alco­hol vio­lence. A lot of venues have shut because of that. But there’s still cool live shit going on, because peo­ple just put on their own shows. It’s a real com­mu­ni­ty. At the moment, all my favourite bands are come out of Syd­ney. There’s this band called Con­crete Lawn, who are just sick. When I first saw them the girl was still in high school and shit. She was just going row­dy. They’re real­ly good to see live – the ener­gy was the kind of live ener­gy I like to watch. They’re just good peo­ple. You can tell.”


My favourite band in Aus­tralia has be a [Syd­ney-based group] called C.O.F.F.I.N, which stands for Chil­dren of Fin­land Fight­ing in Nor­way. They’re the best to see live. They’re row­dy, but they treat every­one with respect and make sure every­one gets a go – that’s impor­tant to them, and it sums up every­thing I like about live music. Even if the crowd’s row­dy, there’s space for every­one. It’s inclu­sive. But even their record­ed music is so good – they have great, tough lyrics, and the drum­mer sings, so it’s got this crazy grunt to it.”


Fuck, [vocal­ist Serwah’s] lyrics are so good and just like, as a singer, she’s just staunch as. She’s a real­ly pow­er­ful, smart per­son and I real­ly admire the whole thing and I like the way the recording’s done as well. They have a record out and it’s just real reverb-y, delay-y, like, Wow.’ I don’t know tech­ni­cal stuff, but it just sounds great.”

Sex Dri­ve

They’re from Mel­bourne. They have a demo from about 2017 that I used to lis­ten to a lot before we start­ed a band, and I like the whole thing. To me it was real­ly relat­able because they were from up the coast, where I was from, it was this real­ly Aus­tralian-sound­ing thing, but it was some­thing I had nev­er heard as well. Live, when I went to see them, they were just real. Every­one was push­ing and every­one was singing and it was just this man­ic thing. It was exact­ly what I wanted.”


Some of Aus­Mu­tants’ songs have been real­ly influ­en­tial to me, just because they’re great musi­cians. The lyrics and the vocals sound so good. They just out an album called… Present The World In Hand­cuffs and it’s an album from a policeman’s per­spec­tive. It’s clas­sic. I think it’s tak­ing the piss out of the author­i­ty police have, and how much pow­er they have, and how much pow­er they take. It’s com­i­cal because a lot of it’s about, Oh look at my hot body in the mir­ror. I’m so tough today. I’m gonna arrest peo­ple. All I want to do is arrest peo­ple.” That kind of shit.”


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