Nature is the fuel behind Joe Mount’s musical process

For Corona’s latest campaign, the British musician and Metronomy frontman rediscovers Devon, an environment that heavily influences his output, and the creativity born from the calm and disconnect that comes with being outdoors.

For the third instalment of Corona’s new campaign – a exploration of the power of the power of the outdoors in enabling people to disconnect in order to truly reconnect – THE FACE travelled down to Devon with none other than Joe Mount, the frontman and songwriter of indie-electro pop band Metronomy.

For Mount, reconnecting with the secret coves of Devon feels particularly poignant – not only are they around the corner from where he grew up, but their unique landscapes, and the space that they afford him to think, have been integral to the making of his band’s idiosyncratic sound. It takes a pretty special place to fuel that creative process and to foster that kind of talent.

Devon is where Mount comes back to touch base. The sunshine-yellow sandy beaches, turquoise water and precipitous rocks are what make up the coves; best of all, many of them are secluded and hidden, which makes his yearly trips down there all the more powerful. Sometimes, if he’s lucky, he’ll be the only one there.

Having relocated from inner-city Paris to a tiny village in Kent a couple of years ago, Mount is no stranger to the positive influence of nature. His musical output is heavily influenced by his environment, and the creativity and friendship born from the calm and disconnect of being in Devon is unmatched. This is Joe Mount’s paradise.

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