Rediscovering paradise with Kelly Lee Owens

Reconnecting with nature is vital to the Welsh musician and producer’s creative process. Here, she returns to her homeland as part of Corona’s new campaign that celebrates the power of the outdoors.

This is what Corona’s new campaign is all about: celebrating the power of the outdoors and helping people to switch off and unplug to reconnect with the nature around them.

In the name of all these things and more, we teamed up with Corona, the beer brand that has famously grown up on the beach and in nature, to take three British DJs to their own versions of paradise. The result? An exploration of just how potent unplugging and disconnecting in natural locations can be when it comes to creating music that makes your spine tingle.

First up: Kelly Lee Owens. Hailing from Saint Asaph, a tiny town in north Wales, the musician and producer is no stranger to spending time in the great outdoors. Connecting with nature is vital to Owens’ creative process: the beauty of the Welsh countryside informed, and afforded her space to create, her most recent work, a new techno-pop album titled Inner Song.​

While crafting the album she re-visited Snowdonia and Talacre Bay, remote places that were mainstays during her childhood and now make her feel more creatively alive than ever. After eleven years in London, sometimes going homehome to disconnect to reconnect with nature is her gateway to creating meaningful music.

In the short film below Owens’ heads off the beaten track to show us how Wales’ vast, magnificent landscape lends itself to her craft. A trickle of water, the wind blowing against precipitous rocks – these are simple sounds that often give way to ingenious musical ideas, that fuel freedom, expression and all things good. This is Kelly Lee Owens’ paradise.

Director Adu Lalouschek Producer James Graley Production Manager Joe Steptoe DOP Josh Fry Sound Recordist Dean Hewitson Editor James Crosland-Mills Grade Vic Parker at Raised By Wolves Original Composition Jack Newton Production Company Third Channel Exec Producer Dorothea Gibbs

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