Nabihah Iqbal rediscovers the real sounds of nature

The British-Pakistani musician’s creative process feeds off her natural surroundings. Follow her journey to the South Downs as part of Corona’s new campaign, a celebration of the power of the outdoors in reconnecting us.

For its latest campaign, Corona has joined forces with THE FACE and three British DJs to explore the symbiotic relationship between music and the natural world. The goal? To see how music can be born from reconnecting with the wild nature that the UK has to offer.

This time, multi-hyphenate musician and DJ Nabihah Iqbal visited the South Downs on the south-east coast of England to rediscover the real, original sounds of nature. Having grown up in central London, this trip was a balm for her mind; Iqbal spent time hiking, recording the sounds of water and wind, and uncovering the magic of the chalky South Downs hills.

The sounds of nature are akin to memories for Iqbal, and she often works to channel them into the music she’s working on, translating them into dreamy synths and skilful guitar melodies. This is an emotional affair, and horizon broadening stuff.

As an artist, Iqbal is as versatile as the sprawling, rippling landscapes of the south-eastern coast. Though she studied history and ethnomusicology at university, spending time in the South Downs is a lesson in creating music in and of itself.

Her critically acclaimed album, Weighing of the Heart, demonstrated that she is influenced and inspired by music from around the world. But the best musical soul searching surely happens in nature, when you strip it all back and let its power wash over you. This is Nabihah Iqbal’s paradise.

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