Meet Doja Cat’s most loyal fans (in LA)

Between a Satanic panic and an exodus of Instagram followers, the last few months have been testing for the Kittenz (don’t let Doja see us calling her fans that). But outside the Los Angeles stop of her Scarlet Tour, these followers are still lapping it up.

A dark November night can’t stop fans outside the Crypto​.com arena in Los Angeles from showing some skin. Sure, the vendors selling hot dogs and cowboy hats might not understand the rubber clothes and devil horns. But anyone who’s followed the thorny roll-out for Doja Cat’s Scarlet album knows these are hardcore devotees – Kittenz” getting their fits on and claws out in support of their controversial overlord.

Doja isn’t new to the hot seat. Ever since she went viral with 2018’s bovine-themed hit Mooo!, her old tweets and associations have been scrutinised for suspect politics and wanton trolling. In 2023, nearly half a million people unfollowed her on Insta (don’t worry, she still has 24.5 million followers). The superstar has stirred up a moral panic in the US with the Satanic theme of single Demons. She declared that her previous albums were cash grabs” that fooled everyone, wore a T‑shirt featuring the image of right-wing comedian Sam Hyde and suggested anyone who identifies as a Kitten needs to get a job”.

But the Kittenz queuing for merch printed with Illuminati graphics must be employed somewhere – those tees are £48 a pop. Some wear costumes referencing Mooo!, while others are dressed in their best demonic get-ups. For better or worse, the last Kittenz standing know that to love Doja is to accept her as the ultimate troll, a meme queen and shitposter raised on the internet like the rest of them. And the only way to fully enjoy the ride is to be in on the joke.

Alastair Bayle, 21

Do you identify as one of the Kittenz?
For sure. One hundred per cent.

If you had to get a lyric tattooed, what would you go for?

Hold me down when a hole need dick”. I mean, that’s iconic lyricism.

Would you shave your eyebrows if Doja asked you to?

Yes. I’m a drag queen, so honestly it would make doing my make-up easier.

If you could spend the day with her, what would you do?

A day in Tokyo would be so fun.

We’d play video games, ride Mario Karts, looking super cute in Harajuku in our cuntalicious outfits. Also, smoking weed the entire day, obviously.

What do you say to the 500,000 people who unfollowed Doja on social media?

You guys’ loss. We don’t need that energy. You guys can go fade into obscurity over there while
we have a good time with Miss Doja Cat.

Ariadna Martinez, 22

How has Doja influenced your style?

She’s made me a lot more confident. As she says, you don’t have to care what others people think.

What Doja song would you never play for your parents?

My parents speak Spanish, so all the songs I play, they have no idea what she’s saying. I’m safe.

Would you get along with her IRL?

I think we’d have so much fun taking pictures and walking around town and having everyone look at us because we look so cool.

Porter Collins, 22, and John MacCarron, 22

If you had to get a Doja lyric tattooed, what would you go for?

John: Fuckin’ with you feel like jail” because men – well some men – they’re just awful and make you feel crazy.

Porter: You get me so high”, because I think in a relationship the other person makes you feel that way. That’s what life’s about.

Would you shave your eyebrows if Doja asked you to?

Porter: Yes, absolutely.

John: No.

What if she did it for you?

John: Then yes.

What would you say to people who think that Doja’s new songs are the devil’s music?

Porter: I think it’s corny. That’s so overplayed.

John: It does get her a lot of attention in the media, so it’s definitely a good way to stay relevant.

Where would you take Doja on a day out?

John: A small rural town, because I don’t think she’s ever experienced that, and that’s where we’re from. We drove from Idaho to see the show.

Porter: It’s his birthday so I bought him tickets to see her.

Martin Lopez, 34, and Jake Thompson, 37

What do you like most about the Scarlet era?

Martin: I’m a huge fan of goth style, so [I like that it’s] demonic, especially with everyone calling out how strange and weird this is. If it’s strange and weird, I like it.

Jake: There’s rage under the music and I like that. She’s making music that makes her happy, so that makes me happy.

What kind of demonic behaviour would you want to get up to with Doja?

Martin: I would prank her and lock her outside in the dark.

Jake: I would crash a wedding party bus and get into trouble with her in Vegas.

How do you feel about Doja’s trolling?

Martin: She’s always trolling. So many people online are confused, but because I’ve been a fan for a while I know she’s just messing with them. Especially because all of her responses are dumb and ridiculous. You can’t take that seriously, but someone always does.

Kobe Lu, 22

Would you let Doja Cat pick your wedgie?

Hell, yeah… What?

What makes Doja Cat so iconic?

That she doesn’t give a fuck. She’s in her rebellious era.

Does she inspire you to be in your rebellious era?

Yes. I’ve been non-stop partying and not caring what people think.

Where would you take Doja out?

To a gay club and do some poppers.

Has she inspired your style?

Yes, she’s inspired me to serve cunt.

What do you say to people who don’t like the look or sound of the Scarlet era?

She’s a troll. They’re too small-minded.

Do you consider yourself a Kitten?

What’s that?

Sandra Hickman, 31

Has Doja Cat inspired your style?

Definitely – the red, the crosses are all Scarlet.

What’s the best and worst part of the Kittenz fanbase?

The best is holding our support no matter what other people are saying. The worst is, like with any other stan, when people go a little too far.

Where would you take Doja on a first date?

One of those rage rooms where you break everything.

Max Hernandez, 22, and Michaela Chin, 20

How did you put your looks together tonight?

Michaela: I’m a huge fan of horror, so I was inspired by the overall aesthetic of the album and the Demons video.

Max: I just knew that I needed to wear latex.

If you and Doja could pull a prank on her haters, what would you do?

Michaela: Do some sort of Illuminati ritual, they’d think it was very real.

Which horror movie, or character, do you think has the most Doja Cat energy?

Michaela: The Conjuring.

If Doja wanted to walk all over your body in those boots, would you let her?

Max: Absolutely.

Aidan Cullen, 21

How did you end up selling light-up cowboy hats outside the show?

Usually I throw underground raves, but I heard about this guy that made a bag selling these outside Taylor Swift concerts. He followed her around the country. So I decided to see what this is all about.

How’s business tonight?

I feel goofy but I’m just trying to make my bag. Nobody fucks with the hats. The guy who brought the devil horns is making bank. He’s popping off.

Violet Banks, 32, Shukerrah Palmer, 23, and Sunterrah Palmer, 27

Where would you take Doja on a girls’ night out?

Violet: An escape room.

Sunterrah: I want to dance, I love the way that woman dances. She’s so cute and so funny and super unserious and that’s how I am.

How would you describe Doja’s music to your grandma?

Violet: If you have heart problems, you don’t need to listen.

Are you one of the half million people that unfollowed her recently?

Violet: Hell, no. Either you’re with it or you’re not. I’ve been with this since So High. They’ll be back.

Sunterrah: I’m still following her. She’s not missing out on anybody.

Shukerrah: I’ve been with her since Mooo!. I was jamming with her back then and everyone was saying, What are you listening to? This is weird.”

Jayden Alvarez, 22, and Jayde McClain, 23

How would you describe Doja’s music to your parents?

Jayden: Oh my God! I wouldn’t let my dad listen to this album. It’s music for the younger generation, that’s what I’d say.

What song would freak them out?

Jayden: I told my mom, you have to listen to this new song called Wet Vagina”. She thought the beat was alright. But my mom likes Juicy, which isn’t a clean song, but it’s a bit cleaner.

What’s your favourite thing about the Kittenz?

Jayden: There are not enough real fans. You hear about her losing all these followers, but if you were a true fan, I think you’d stick with her and appreciate her as a person no matter what she says. I hope there are real true fans who are excited to see her tonight and aren’t trying to make a meme out of her.

How do you define a true fan?

Jayden: A true fan is someone who likes her regardless of the controversial stuff she says.

How do you feel about her saying the first albums were cash grabs”?

Jayden: I believed Doja when she said that. But I still really like those albums. As a fan, if you don’t like all of that person’s music that’s fine. But I say, let them express themselves how they want, and do what they want.

Vanity, 29, and Carlos, 23

What kind of milk do you think Doja likes in her coffee?

Vanity: Two per cent, for sure. I’m pretty sure whole milk would give her gas.

Carlos: I think it’d probably be breast milk.

Where would you take Doja on a date?

Vanity: Thrifting.

Carlos: A rodeo with bull-riding.

Do you think she’d be able to stay on?

Carlos: Definitely. I think she knows how to ride.

What is it that makes Doja so iconic?

Vanity: She knows that a lot of people hate her – but they love her at the same time. A lot of stars don’t like that. Meanwhile, she’s putting it on her I Fucking Hate Doja Cat” merch.

Carlos: She’s a sarcastic queen.

Has Doja ever done anything that pissed you off and made you question your fandom?

Carlos: No, I think she’s having so much fun with everything that she’s doing.

Vanity: Changed her Instagram picture to a spider. Because I hate spiders.

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