Night Killaz: Snow Strippers storm Brooklyn

Check out photos of the trance-pop duo's euphoric show.

There’s a big buzz around Snow Strippers right now. In recent weeks, the American dance-pop duo made up of producer Graham Perez and singer Taiana Schwaninger have been packing out venues in Europe and the UK (in London, they stole the show at Evian Christ’s cutting-edge Trance Party club night). Now, they’re embarking on a lengthy North American tour that’s been bulked out with upgraded venues and added shows.

On Friday 5th April, Snow Strippers played their second New York show of the tour alongside rap producer Evilgiane, their close friend and founder of their label Surf Gang, as well as Elusin, DRES and OK. As expected, Snow Strippers’ in-your-face anthems – which merge garish club genres like trance and dubstep with ghostly emo vocals – instigated plenty of sweat-soaked euphoria.

In some ways, the underground music scene that Snow Strippers are a part of is chronically online – one where genre boundaries have all but vanished, artists are relentlessly prolific and subcultures of the recent past are mined for inspiration. But having recently moved to Brooklyn after a stint in Detroit, Perez and Schaninger are very much at home in NYC. At their Friday night show in THE Elsewhere venue, they were joined in the greenroom by underground NYC rap stars Xaviersobased and Clip, Surf Gangers Harrison and Eera as well as Club Eat vocalist Ren G. Keep scrolling to get a glimpse of the action.

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