Yoshi’s the genre-surfing fashion kid from Tokyo

Volume 4 Issue 001: The teenager with a big smile and big ambitions.

Ever since Virgil spotted Yoshi at his Off-White store opening in Tokyo, his dreams have been coming true. Three years later, Yoshi has campaigns for Ambush and Helmut Lang and a major label record deal under his belt. He’s 16-years-old.

With influences ranging from Nirvana, to Skepta and Dua Lipa, Yoshi’s album Sex is Life hops between poppy piano ballads and the more melodic end of Soundcloud rap. He also goes punk for a couple of tunes (“my mama told me to clean my room /​Say woo! Cherry Boy!”, he screams on the lead single).

Check out The Face’s video and a Q&A with Yoshi below.

What is pop music in 2019?

Current pop music is becoming borderless. Various genres are mixed in current pop music!

What moment in your career are you proudest of so far?

I haven’t encountered my proudest moment in my career yet. That day will come soon for sure!

How has music changed your life?

It’s like my drug. Music is something that lifts me up, something that I cannot miss in my daily life, something that I need everyday.

What will popular music sound like in the 2020s?

The 2020s will be filled with my music!!


Director — Marcus McSweeney

DOP — Jaime Ackroyd

Executive Producer — Jennifer Byrne

Producer — Rosanna Gouldman

Production Manager — Katherine Bampton

Editor — Charlie Rotberg at Stitch

Grade — Jason Wallis at ETC

Art Director - Max Randall

Camera Assistant — Jonny Lewis

Spark — Nick Leishman

Sound — Andria Michael

Soundmix — Louis Souyave at Rhythm & Sync

Social Editor — Millie Gray

Online — Marvin Jay Alvarez

THANKS TO Kodak, Stitch, Electric Theatre Collective, Rhythm & Sync, Ken Oikawa, Glo Film Lighting and Aim Image.

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