I’m getting a lot more gratitude for what I do.”

Over the coming weeks, The Face will introduce you to key workers from sectors across the UK. Here, 24-year-old courier Connor takes us onto the frontline of parcel delivery, as we spend a day dropping off essential goods around Leeds.

I’ve been working as a delivery driver for six months. The job has changed a lot since the coronavirus outbreak. When I first started it wasn’t a major issue – no one thought much of it. We just got told to leave the parcel at the front and stand a bit away.

Now we’ve got masks, gloves and we have to wipe the van down every 20 minutes. We touch about 200 parcels a day and knock on people’s doors so we have to make sure everything is safe.

My work implemented this policy and they provide us with a good few masks everyday. We get given antiseptic wipes and liquids, too. It’s very strict in the warehouse, if we don’t follow policy, we could lose our job.

It’s surreal being on the coronavirus frontline. It didn’t feel real when it first started because we all took it as a big joke but now you are actually risking your health just to deliver some parcels.

The general atmosphere when I’m talking to people is that they’re very, very pleased to see me. A lot of people are telling us about how much of a good job we’re doing and to stay safe. I’m getting a lot more gratitude for what I do, whereas before people kind of turned their noses up.

The most rewarding part is seeing how happy people are when I’m bringing them something that they need because they can’t physically leave the house.

The atmosphere hasn’t changed too much with the lads that I work with. We’re just trying to get on and do what we can because if we don’t work, we don’t get paid. A lot of people are getting 80% but if we don’t work, we’re not getting paid.

My last words to the general public would be to just buy what you need. I understand that everyone is at home and bored, but don’t buy stupid stuff. We’re more than happy to deliver what you need.”

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