We’re just doing what we’re meant to do”

Over the last few weeks, The Face has introduced you to key workers from sectors across the UK. Here, 23-year-old Amira takes us onto the frontline of the postal service, as we spend a day on her round in Watford.

I’ve worked for Royal Mail for about seven or eight months now. I started in November, in the Christmas period. Everyone told me, Once you do this, nothing’s going to faze you.” Then the coronavirus came and everything changed.

We no longer share vans, we’ve got one-way systems at work, we can’t really be around people. Before you might have had a little chat with the customer – especially the older generation, who really respect the postal workers, and maybe don’t have anyone else to talk to. Now, that’s changed.

People are ordering anything you can think of. Christmas was busy – now you can’t even take out all your walk in one go! We’re delivering medicine, all the letters and information. Stuff for those who can’t leave their houses.

Some people called us the fourth emergency service”. And to be honest, because I know how hard we work, I believe it.

Posties are some of the hardest working people I know. You’re walking 15 miles a day, you’ve got a massive bag, you’re sorting letters, you’re sorting parcels. I didn’t realise you had to do that as well when I started. I thought you just had to do the walking!

Now to see other people believe how hard we work, it’s nice. It makes you feel really appreciated and that our work’s not going unnoticed. I’ve been given notes and chocolates. There’s a campaign – Thumbs Up For Your Postie” – and loads of people have been doing it to me. Proper thumbs up! It’s nice.

I’d like to tell people to follow the guidelines. I’d like to say thank you to the NHS because I’ve got mates in that. And I’d like to say thank you to the people who are making our jobs easier. We’re just doing what we’re meant to do.

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