Lay me down: skin to skin with Ilya Lipkin


Smooching never looked so good as it does in this sensual collection of love stories captured by the Russian-American photographer and French stylist Laëtitia Gimenez. Taken from the new print issue of THE FACE – get your copy here.

3rd January 2022


HAIR: Akemi Kishida MAKE-UP: Karin Westerlund MANICURE: Magda S CASTING: Lisa Dymph Megens TALENT: Alice, Anaëlle, Anna, Apolline, Bambi, Caroline, Gabi, Imane, Mariana, Mazarine, Paloma, Paula, Sarah, Shelim, Sofia, Talia, Vega, Willow EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Freddie de Santiago PRODUCER Michael Yosef PHOTOGRAPHER'S ASSISTANTS Daniel Rodriguez Serrato and Esme Thomapson Turcotte STYLIST'S ASSISTANTS Eva Silatsa and Lylia Bokolélé HAIR ASSISTANT Anastasiia Gryniuka

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