A sole, heel and straps are simply not enough

Australian-born footwear designer Kira Goodey offers an essential lesson in party platforms.

A lot of my clients are interested in foot fetishism and various things to do with shoes,” explains Kira Goodey, the Australian-born designer out to change the way we dress from the feet up. One of the interesting sub-genres is this one called foot crush’, which sees people crush things under their shoes.”

It’s something the designer recently explored via her brand visuals. Because no matter how out­landish your request may be, Kira is on hand to craft you the extravagant pair of party platforms you’ve been craving.

Growing up in Australia, Kira was fascinated by the London cool kids” she came across in British magazines. She was desperate to be one of them. After qualifying as a costume designer down under she set her sights on moving to London where she started working as a print designer at Alexander McQueen. Upon realising the grind that is high fashion, Kira made the decision to become a shoemaker instead.

I feel like there’s so much pos­si­bil­i­ty with footwear; it has the abil­i­ty to change a person’s whole coun­te­nance,” she tells us. I love imag­in­ing what I cre­ate as part of a big­ger ensem­ble worn by the most amaz­ing diva I could imagine.” The real-life divas who’ve worn her designs include everyone from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner.

With zero size restrictions (Kira’s shoes don’t stop at a EU 40) and one hell of an imagination, it’s Kira’s fantasy footwear for all” ethos that stands her a foot above the rest.

She’s currently working on a way to make her footwear accessible to all, so keep your eyes peeled, folks. You could be see­ing her sexy designs in a store near you very soon.


So what’s it like to walk in the shoes of Kira Goodey?

It’s fun! I definitely think I live in a fantasy world and that’s the way I like it. A lot of reality is quite grim, especially at the moment, so I use fashion and the things that I create as a form of escapism; the kind of fantasy that I wish the world was.

What gets you excited?

People! I’m totally inspired by how people are and how inventive they are with their dress. Growing up as a teenager in Australia, I was always seeing all the cool kids in London in magazines and feeling like: Urgh, they’re so creative and inventive. I want to be a part of that!” Similarly, seeing music videos and these amazing artists that express themselves through so many different ways is such a big part of that.


What is the most important part of Kira Goodey the brand?

I like to think my footwear is of the equal expression of someone creating themselves as they want to be and completely uninhibited by that. A lot of my shoes are very high, and I like the notion of being on a pedestal; I think that’s amazing. Once you get over the fear of: Oh my god, I’m really tall now,” you feel great. I want people to feel that power and energy when they put on a pair of my shoes.

If you could have anyone in your shoes, who would it be?

I still haven’t had Rihanna. Obviously, she’s top of everyone’s list but what can I say – I’m just a fangirl and I always will be.

How do you put your best foot forward?

Don’t hold back! Be your most ridiculous and extreme self at every opportunity. And fuck the haters.

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