A sole, heel and straps are sim­ply not enough

Australian-born footwear designer Kira Goodey offers an essential lesson in party platforms.

A lot of my clients are inter­est­ed in foot fetishism and var­i­ous things to do with shoes,” explains Kira Good­ey, the Aus­tralian-born design­er out to change the way we dress from the feet up. One of the inter­est­ing sub-gen­res is this one called foot crush’, which sees peo­ple crush things under their shoes.”

It’s some­thing the design­er recent­ly explored via her brand visu­als. Because no mat­ter how out­landish your request may be, Kira is on hand to craft you the extrav­a­gant pair of par­ty plat­forms you’ve been craving.

Grow­ing up in Aus­tralia, Kira was fas­ci­nat­ed by the Lon­don cool kids” she came across in British mag­a­zines. She was des­per­ate to be one of them. After qual­i­fy­ing as a cos­tume design­er down under she set her sights on mov­ing to Lon­don where she start­ed work­ing as a print design­er at Alexan­der McQueen. Upon real­is­ing the grind that is high fash­ion, Kira made the deci­sion to become a shoe­mak­er instead.

I feel like there’s so much pos­si­bil­i­ty with footwear; it has the abil­i­ty to change a person’s whole coun­te­nance,” she tells us. I love imag­in­ing what I cre­ate as part of a big­ger ensem­ble worn by the most amaz­ing diva I could imag­ine.” The real-life divas who’ve worn her designs include every­one from Brit­ney Spears to Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner.

With zero size restric­tions (Kira’s shoes don’t stop at a EU 40) and one hell of an imag­i­na­tion, it’s Kira’s fan­ta­sy footwear for all” ethos that stands her a foot above the rest. 

She’s cur­rent­ly work­ing on a way to make her footwear acces­si­ble to all, so keep your eyes peeled, folks. You could be see­ing her sexy designs in a store near you very soon.


So what’s it like to walk in the shoes of Kira Goodey? 

It’s fun! I def­i­nite­ly think I live in a fan­ta­sy world and that’s the way I like it. A lot of real­i­ty is quite grim, espe­cial­ly at the moment, so I use fash­ion and the things that I cre­ate as a form of escapism; the kind of fan­ta­sy that I wish the world was.

What gets you excited?

Peo­ple! I’m total­ly inspired by how peo­ple are and how inven­tive they are with their dress. Grow­ing up as a teenag­er in Aus­tralia, I was always see­ing all the cool kids in Lon­don in mag­a­zines and feel­ing like: Urgh, they’re so cre­ative and inven­tive. I want to be a part of that!” Sim­i­lar­ly, see­ing music videos and these amaz­ing artists that express them­selves through so many dif­fer­ent ways is such a big part of that.


What is the most impor­tant part of Kira Good­ey the brand?

I like to think my footwear is of the equal expres­sion of some­one cre­at­ing them­selves as they want to be and com­plete­ly unin­hib­it­ed by that. A lot of my shoes are very high, and I like the notion of being on a pedestal; I think that’s amaz­ing. Once you get over the fear of: Oh my god, I’m real­ly tall now,” you feel great. I want peo­ple to feel that pow­er and ener­gy when they put on a pair of my shoes.

If you could have any­one in your shoes, who would it be?

I still haven’t had Rihan­na. Obvi­ous­ly, she’s top of everyone’s list but what can I say – I’m just a fan­girl and I always will be.

How do you put your best foot forward?

Don’t hold back! Be your most ridicu­lous and extreme self at every oppor­tu­ni­ty. And fuck the haters.

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