Nayana on reaching her creative peak

To mark The North Face’s F19 Seven Summits collection, listen to seven stories of never-ending pursuit.

The North Face’s latest capsule honours the great Kit DesLauriers, the first person to ski down the Seven Summits. That is, the seven highest mountains from each of the seven continents, or a whopping 40,657 metres (phwoar).

To celebrate the esteemed ski-mountaineer and The North Face’s accompanying F19 Seven Summits collection, The Face spoke to seven style leaders at the top of their game. Sharing stories of their own creative endeavours aboard a rooftop in Wapping – where a backdrop of the capital’s towering landmarks emulated pure mountain epicness – it’s a reminder of the relentless pursuit of challenge behind every creative peak. One that then takes you to even greater heights.

Nayana is a rapper, an artist and a model, but first and foremost she describes herself as a musician. She overcame some pretty tough avalanches at the start of her journey, but she’s found herself at the top of the summit ever since.

Listen now: Nayana's story

I would describe myself as a musician. I make different types of music. I mostly sing and rap, but I play a couple instruments as well.

My journey was tough at the beginning but it’s gotten easier the more I listen to myself. Deep down, I feel like I knew what was right for me, even though everyone else was telling me otherwise. And that is the only reason why I got to the top of the summit.

I see creative inspiration from everything in my life. It’s just about how things make me feel most of the time. My plans for the rest of the year are releasing a fat project, releasing many videos. I’m going around the world to make some music as well and to hopefully make a little bit of a change music wise in India. That’s where I’m from, and being a female rapper in India — it would be crazy if I could go out there and do something. I feel so small, but if I did something out there, that would mean the most to me.”

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