Palm Angels: The eyes never lie”

Francesco Ragazzi’s skate-inflected high fashion label drops a collection of face masks inspired by people’s peepers.

A side eye. A cheeky wink. An eye roll. A stare. A glare.

Got something to say? Say it with your eyes. At least that’s what luxury Italian fashion label Palm Angels are doing this season with their new face mask drop inspired by the phrase: The eyes never lie.”

Whether erotic, friendly, cheeky or playful, eye contact is one of the truest forms of expression. Or as one lad puts it in Palm Angels and The Face’s video below, eyes are the windows to the soul”. Sure, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic might mean we have to cover half of our faces while out in public, but the label – helmed by Moncler art director Francesco Ragazzi – wants to explore what lies beneath the mask. While also remembering that, ultimately, the eyes are the true gateway to the mind.

Directed by London-based duo peoples, the film below asks a number of Londoners what lies behind their Palm Angels mask. Watch below to see what they have to say and to check out the label’s blood red, baby pink and jet black graffiti-splashed coverings, all of which feature Palm Angels‘ graphic logo and the collection’s defining mantra: The eyes never lie.”

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