Tiffany Calver’s world

Get to know the presenter, DJ and face of Nike’s latest Huarache campaign up close and virtual. From her career-defining days at NTS, to the launch of her new label No Requests, here you can navigate your way through the 27-year-old’s past, present and future.

At just 27-years-old, Tiffany Calver has already made an indelible mark on the music industry. From her first show on the airwaves at NTS’ broadcasting studio in Gillett Square to opening sets for international hip-hop stars like Drake and Jay Z, for Calver, the only way is up.

THE FACE had the small fortune of stepping into the presenter and DJ’s shoes for the day to discover her rise from the sleepy town of Telford to world domination and her grand plans for 2022. Above, click to immerse yourself in Calver’s present and future digital world. On the left, transport yourself to her bedroom-slash-studio where creativity flows. Through her own narration, you can hear all about her love of Atomic Kitten, her prized art collection and what her club night Tiffany Calver and Friends truly stands for. On the right, enter an imaginary metaverse based on Calver’s vision of the future of rave and discover her tagline for the launch of her new record label, No Requests. You heard it here first.

Talent: Tiffany Calver

Creative Director: Clara Goodger

Producer: Rose Darkins

3D Artist: Stacie Ant

Web Developer: Daniel Baragwanath

3D Scan Studio: Good Measure

Stylist: Aga Dziedzic

Hair: Jordan Ryan

Makeup: India Rawlings

Sound Recordist: Dorian Tran

Composer: Klimi

Branded Content Editor: India Van Spall

Head of Project Management: Rachael Bigelow

Senior Project Manager: Victoria De Zanche

Interview: Shirley Ahura

Art Director: Lilian Qu

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