Madeline Argy’s daily beauty rituals: folk music and Berocca

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The viral TikToker talks through her self-care routine, from early starts to stealing grandma’s lippy and saying hell no to the gym.

Got a blossoming relationship with your TikTok FYP? Then you’ll probably have clocked Madeline Argy at some point, possibly in her car, probably recounting a life story with some element of chaos. The leg worm tale alone has scarred a good number of viewers. If you know, you know.

Recently, Argy went viral after she uploaded a video of herself saying: Why does everybody keep asking if I’m dating Central Cee? I’ve literally never heard of him in my entire life” with – you guessed it – Cench in the background, making himself a sandwich. An appearance on the Saving Grace podcast saw her answering a soft mm” to questions about whether or not she was in a relationship. That settles that, then.

With a cool 2.7 million followers over on the app, the 22-year-old has just launched a YouTube channel, where you can hang out and watch her eat ciabatta. Her first upload was a podcast episode titled Sexuality, Relationships and Boundaries, inspired by the wealth of choices” out there for peoples’ sexualities and the confusion this can cause. I tortured myself with the whole labels thing… especially around queer women changing their label,” she says.

We asked Argy to give us an insight into her self-care routine – but there’s a caveat, which she addressed in a TikTok she made about this very FACE article. In an attempt to demonstrate that she isn’t one of those 5am yoga and green juice girlies, she divulged: One time at university I ate an entire bowl of gravy as soup. My preferred cleansing technique is to not wipe any of my make-up off at night, just to apply so much fucking BHA that it sears it all off. When I was younger I wanted acne so bad that I used to rub butter on my skin.” We’re onto you, Madeline…


I wake up at…

8am – I love mornings.

The first thing I do is…


My worst beauty habits are…

Picking my face.

My first beauty memory is…

Stealing my grandma’s lipstick.

Where are you headed today?


What tasks have you got to get done?


Do you work out?


Are you taking any supplements?

Berocca, when things gets desperate…

How do you relax?

Lights off, music on.

Do you listen to anything in the evening?

Folk music.

Burn any candles? Have a bath?


How do you sleep?

On my left side.

I’ve been dreaming of…

Everything – Mercury is in retrograde.

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