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Acast Amplifier is podcast platform Acast’s first initiative designed to help find and nurture the next generation of audio creators in the UK via grants and training. There’s no better partner for your pod’.

Podcasts, heard of them? Just kidding. The medium has come a long way since being that weird disused app on your iPhone back in 2012. In fact, an Ofcom survey has suggested that a quarter of people in the UK stick on a podcast every week. What’s more, as of April 2021 there were over 48 million podcast episodes in existence.

Popular stuff, then, but wouldn’t you be lying if you said you haven’t thought about starting one for yourself? Sure, there are more podcasts out there than five-a-side football teams, but what if you have something on your mind that just needs to be said, or an idea that’s sure to cut through the noise? Well, if you need a bit of help getting this idea out into the world, Acast has some news for you.

The podcast platform is launching its first-ever podcast incubator programme, which has been developed to empower and invest in the next generation of podcast creators” (ie. you). Given that Acast exists in 12 countries around the world, had roughly three billion listens in 2020, and is keen on helping you earn cold hard cash from your podcasts, there’s no better partner for your pod’.

Say you happen to be one of the three winners selected, the first three episodes of your award-winning podcast will be produced for you, and you’ll be given a lifetime subscription to Acast’s top-tier Ace hosting plan, along with £2,500. Everything you need to sort some top mics, headphones, editing tools and a mega thick duvet for recording under. You’ll also receive something money can’t buy, bespoke support from Acast and partners including Pirate Studios, Shure, and Crack Magazines creative company CC Co. They’ll be on hand to help with everything from production to branding and, in addition to this, winners will be mentored by a group of top-tier panellists. The list includes comedian Adam Buxton, creator of The Adam Buxton Podcast, writer and creator of How Not To Be Racist Chanté Joseph, Football Ramble podcaster Pete Donaldson, and many more broadcasting powerhouses.

You’ve gotta be in it to win it though. To be considered, you need to be based in the UK. From there, all you need to do is complete an online form introducing yourself and your idea, and then record a 60-second audio statement to let Acast know why they should choose you. Oh, and you’ll want a banging idea for a podcast that’s going to be the talk of the town. Easy!

Applications are open from the 25th January, until 00:00 GMT on the 14th March. Enter here

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