We went for a drink with FA Cup fans

Ahead of Saturday’s final, THE FACE went down to Wembley Stadium to ask footie fans one all-important question: what’s wetting your whistle?

This Saturday, Liverpool got their hands on the FA Cup trophy after 16 years. Their eighth win in the tournament’s 150-year history, The Reds beat Chelsea in penalties following a nil-nil draw, leaving Wembley Stadium with a 6 – 5 victory after left-back Kostas Tsimikas, who was on the bench for the match, scored the winning goal.

Us Brits love the footie. And we bloody love a drink, too. So to mark the special occasion, we trotted down to Wembley to catch the fans on their way to the match and ask one all-important question: what’s wetting your whistle today?

Cheers to Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp and co. It’s a difficult subject for some of us, what with THE FACE team divided between Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City. But we’re no sore losers. Any excuse for a pint, eh?

Albi, 21, Chelsea (left):
I’ll probably end up drinking the cheapest pints in there”
Brendan, 21, Chelsea (right):
Probably Stella”
Aiken, 28, Liverpool (left):
Jay (right):
I’m drinking Desperado, bro”
Dom, 25, Chelsea (left)
Whatever they put in front of me”
Franco, 23, Chelsea (middle)
Any beer”
Steph, 27, Chelsea (right)
Some Magnums”
Kieron, 20, Chelsea
Probably beer and vodka”

Ashley, 18, Chelsea
Callum, 24, Chelsea (left)
Birra Moretti”
Joe, 25, Liverpool (middle-left)
Jack, 21, Chelsea (middle-right)
Vodka lemonade”
Robert, 33, Liverpool (right)

Alex, 23, Chelsea (left)
Anything that goes”
Louie, 23, chelsea (middle)
Harry, 22, Chelsea (right)
Reece, 20, Liverpool
KA Pineapple”
Callum, 18, Liverpool
Few Heinekens”
Mariana, 26, Chelsea (left)
Gin and tonic”
Sophia, Chelsea (right) Pornstar martini”
Gussein, 19, Liverpool (right)
We’re keeping it halal – I’m on water”

Ali, 25, Liverpool (left)
Yeah, keeping it halal today”

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