ForeverGood is southeast London’s much-loved DIY events space

The former car garage hosts club nights, art exhibitions and mentoring sessions for disadvantaged young people.

Nestled in a row of railway arches in Bermondsey, southeast London is ForeverGood, an old car garage repurposed as a DIY event space. Set up by Seb Downing in 2021, the venue has since been home to art exhibitions, fashion pop-ups, West London DJ/​producer P‑rallel’s Movement mixtape launch and even a gig by the legend that is Sean Paul.

It’s not just a place to party, though. Last winter, ForeverGood offered free after-school meals, workshops and mentoring sessions for kids whose parents were struggling to make ends meet due to the cost-of-living crisis.

I think the biggest impact is the element of surprise that comes with [the space],” he says. Isn’t it quite poetic to [help the local community] one day, then get dragged into a sweaty venue another, when Sean Paul’s playing and serving Glen’s Vodka at 2am?”

Saying that, Downing is set on ForeverGood having an impact beyond promoting parties and products. Even though I’m not sure what its lasting effect will be, you always remember when someone gives you an umbrella in the rain, don’t you? I hope that gets passed down to everyone [who comes through].”

With support coming from Arts Council England ForeverGood’s main MO is spreading positivity and support at a time when it’s sorely lacking, with hopes to set up a summer programme for kids to enjoy. I’d like to create an environment where these kids can speak to a mentor when it really matters,” Downing continues. Everyone needs help to get where they want to be, and if they can get that from ForeverGood, then that makes it all worth it.”

In the meantime, if you find yourself south of the river between now and 17th February, Downing has linked up with artist Exhibit69 for a darkly humorous exhibition that tackles classism, racism and police corruption in the UK. Intrigued? Click here to keep up with all things ForeverGood.

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