Six indispensable facts about the legend that is Harry Styles

The amazing Face “click to reveal the answer” interview.

Cacio e pepe. Last time I did it, I went a little overboard on the water. So it ended up not great.”

It was when I was sick, and I was so hot. So I think I was just on fire.”

An epiphany.”

I crashed a jet ski a couple years ago. I was on holiday and I hit a rock. I landed on the water. I mean, I’m here. But yeah, it was close.”

Faye Dunaway sitting by the pool with her arms crossed. Or there’s a picture of Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw under a sheet that’s so good.”


So I wrote Big” on my big toe, but I did it really badly. It doesn’t look good. It’s terribly worn. The other ones I’d usually regret because I’d want space for something else.”

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