Lady Gaga told us her predictions for the next decade

Photograph by Nick Knight

We spoke to the mega pop superstar on the blower and asked her: if you had to predict the next 10 years, what would it look, smell, feel and taste like? Here’s what she said.

A few months ago, THE FACE had the chance to speak with Lady Gaga. Yes, Lady Gaga. Impressive, right? For a whole minute, the greatest pop star in the world would answer whatever question we fired her way. Well, not any old question – it was in light of her brand-new collaboration with prestige champagne supplier Dom Pérignon, one which sees Gaga design a particularly sexy bottle with long-time collaborator Nicola Formichetti.

After much panicked thinking, we thought the best thing to ask her would be about… the future. After all, since exploding onto the music scene with sure-fire hit Just Dance in 2008, Lady Gaga has been at the helm of predicting sounds, styles and culture for well over a decade (admittedly, the meat dress never caught on in the high street, but hey ho). And with the last couple of years leaving a sizable dent in just about everything except, er, Jeff Bozos back pocket, it makes sense to put our best foot forward.

So if Lady Gaga had to predict the next decade, what would it look, smell, feel and taste like?


If I could predict the next decade… I don’t know if I could predict the next decade, but I certainly could pray for the next decade,” she told us. I could work every day in the spirit of a beloved community for the next decade, a decade where humanity comes together celebrating the stories of many and not just the stories of one.”

Today, it’s been announced that come early October, a charitable lottery will go live with participants in with chance of winning an exclusive limited-edition sculpture of the bottle: no. 1 in the numbered series, hand-signed by the Poker Face singer herself. The full amount of proceeds will then be donated to the Born This Way Foundation – a non-profit organisation committed to supporting the wellness of young people from all walks of life – with the sum announced on Kindness Day, 13th November.’

“[The next decade] would be a decade where we learn to love each other by unlearning things that do not serve us – things that hurt us,” Gaga continued. I believe in the spirit of love and I believe that love can always grow. So what I wish for the next decade is for love to be something that is our anchor, for love to be our purpose and for us to learn from the last year; for us to really learn how brave we can be in the face of so much pain.”

So there you have it: an interview with Lady Gaga. If you’re ever feeling down and out, concerned about the future or need some solid life-affirming, come back and read that answer again soon. We’ve been replaying the recording since June.

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