Nadia Lee Cohen takes Tokyo!

lady in the streets, tea on the sheets :(

The hottest photographer in the world right now has just returned from Japan, where she launched the latest edition of her photo book Women: Pirated Edition. It’s already sold out, but lucky for you she documented her travels for THE FACE.

Tina in East Hollywood, sweeping the floor of a hair salon with bouffant hair and a dress that’s come undone; Kate in the Valley, smoking a fag behind the counter of a diner, wearing a dress that’s come undone; Shocking in Hackney, fully nude spare a half-pulled on England football jersey, standing in her kitchen as slices of burnt bread rocket out of her toaster.

These are just a few of the scenes and characters that can be found in Women, the 2020 book by Nadia Lee Cohen, who is – according to the likes of Kim K and Rihanna, at least – the hottest photographer in the world right now. Merging the British photographer’s surreal take on Hollywood glamour with, let’s say, an abrupt approach to nudity, the 100 portraits featured confront the beauty and the pain of womanhood.

Now, Nadia has released a brand new, very limited edition of the book, Women: Pirated Edition, which comes with a Japanese twist. Art directed by Charlie Denis and wrapped in a traditional Japanese obi band designed by graphic artist Verdy, the new edition takes all the themes explored in the original book and reframes them through the lens of Japanese cinema icons and fanzines.

So, obviously, Nadia went to Tokyo for the book launch. Specifically, Dover Street Market Ginza, where she signed copies for fans and anyone else who happened to be passing through.

Bad news: there were only 750 copies of Women: Pirated Edition printed, which means it’s already sold out. Good news: while Nadia was in Tokyo, she found time to capture a little photo diary of her travels, just for you.

Getting partial to the combo of fish, chocolate and pastry for breakfast. Thank you, Edition Ginza, for expanding my palate.”

Even he was wowed.”

“‘Oh!’ look It’s Ariana Papademetroupolis at the 80’s mall bookstore.”

These arrows are following me everywhere. What does it mean?!”

Surely he’ll return with this stunning graphic design?”

Taxi cab doilies = homely and mandatory.”

No more fish, please.”

Please escort her off the premises.”

Blending in.”

More than 10 people at the DSM signing! Alan Partridge, watch out.”

When your Airbnb is an hour away from any of the action.”

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