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Ahead of Love Island’s latest series, Raven Smith: writer, columnist and all-round gobby person talks about his upcoming podcast on The Face.

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Hel­lo, this is Raven Smith. I am a writer, colum­nist, all around gob­by per­son and last year I got com­plete­ly addict­ed to Love Island — I’d nev­er watched it before. In the three months it was on TV I’d binge watch loads of the old series of it and it basi­cal­ly, like Diet Coke, it changed my DNA

I was con­stant­ly pissed off that I wasn’t on hol­i­day, even the most hor­ri­ble, like not sexy, not attrac­tive peo­ple I left the door open for recou­pling – I always left the door ajar. I guess the most extreme influ­ence it had on me was that I shaved all the hair off my body from the eye­brows down like a kind of super sexy, Manx cat — the regrowth has been hideous, but it’s back. I also had a What­sApp group with my mates, where we would just be snarky about what was going on in the TV show and I actu­al­ly think it’s not even a guilty plea­sure, Love Island, we’re all watch­ing, we’re all talk­ing about it and now I am in the process of build­ing a pod­cast where we do exact­ly the same thing. 

Now Love Island is, of course, sort of about peo­ple shag­ging, but it isn’t just about two hunks of flesh mat­ing. There’s just some­thing so spe­cial about falling in love on hol­i­day like it’s just so mag­ic to be falling in love and all the stu­pid chem­i­cals that are going off in your brain when that’s hap­pen­ing. Falling in love in the sun is prob­a­bly the best thing you could ever do I have heard. It’s essen­tial­ly why they invent­ed L.A. and I think although Love Island is about falling in love it’s stripped away all of the bumph that most real­i­ty TV has. You know, if you think about peo­ple falling in love on Big Broth­er it took like 12 weeks and then they were like I dun­no if I like you, like any nor­mal human thing and I think watch­ing peo­ple go through the motions of falling in love repeat­ed­ly on such a high turnover is what’s real­ly inter­est­ing about the show and I think it says a lot for this new cul­ture we have of express­ing on a sur­face level. 

Build­ing a plat­form seems to be, you know, this great mil­len­ni­al desire and I think Love Island is an instant plat­form builder and I think what Love Island is inter­est­ing and what we will hope­ful­ly touch on in this pod­cast is where we are going as, kind of, an all broad­cast­ing cul­ture. Each of us is broad­cast­ing and I just think that’s part of the sweet spot. We know obvi­ous­ly there’s been crit­i­cism, just ques­tion­ing of the vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty of the con­tes­tants, how well they’re looked after before, dur­ing and after the show and I think we’ll touch on that. But for me, the big­ger themes about love that we all have is what I’m hop­ing we will talk about. I’m get­ting great guests to come and talk to me about Love Island because every­one loves it and I would love to have like a real­ly snap­py, sexy, cool, like a real­ly good catch­phrase-y sign off for the pod­cast but I can’t think of one. 

In the mean­time, send in any top­ics you want me to talk about to [email protected]​theface.​com, [email protected]​theface.​com. I’m gonna go away and have some media train­ing so I get bet­ter at catch­phras­es and calls to action. Love Island’s on today – enjoy it! We’ll be back with anoth­er episode of the podcast. 

Please send in any top­ics you want dis­cussed to [email protected]​theface.​com

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