Rev­e­la­tions 001: Rico Nasty

Join us for the first episode of Revelations where we ask Rico Nasty if she’s... nasty (and a lot more).

Wel­come to Rev­e­la­tions, where we’ll be ask­ing a series of famous faces all the nit­ty grit­ty ques­tions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. This is no Diane Sawyer-style, tear-induc­ing Hol­ly­wood hoohah, oh no. This is where the real beans (of the Heinz vari­ety) are spilled. Where we find out what your favourite pop­star keeps under their bed. What they think about in the bath. Whether they’ve ever been in love and, the big one, their take on the mean­ing of life.

To ease you in, we invit­ed New York-born, Mary­land-raised rap­per Rico Nasty to get com­fy on the Rev­e­la­tion stool. Known for her explo­sive mix­tapes and on-stage-the­atrics, we had a sneaky sus­pi­cion she’d be a jol­ly good sport.

Watch below if you’re into that sort of thing. 

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