Revelations 001: Rico Nasty

Join us for the first episode of Revelations where we ask Rico Nasty if she’s... nasty (and a lot more).

Welcome to Revelations, where we’ll be asking a series of famous faces all the questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. This is no Diane Sawyer-style, tear-inducing Hollywood hoohah, oh no. This is where the real beans (of the Heinz variety) are spilled. Where we find out what your favourite popstar keeps under their bed. What they think about in the bath. Whether they’ve ever been in love and, the big one, their take on the meaning of life.

To ease you in, we invited New York-born, Maryland-raised rapper Rico Nasty to get comfy on the Revelation stool. Known for her explosive mixtapes and on-stage-theatrics, we had a sneaky suspicion she’d be a jolly good sport.

Watch below if you’re into that sort of thing.

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