Grace Wales Bonner

Creative director and founder of Wales Bonner

I’m inter­est­ed how rit­u­als and tra­di­tions can man­i­fest as aes­thet­ics” – Grace

Creative director and founder of her eponymous label, South London's Grace Wales Bonner is a cultural polymath who has previously been celebrated as Emerging Menswear Designer by the British Fashion Awards, and has been awarded the LVMH Young Designer Prize. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2014, Grace has used fashion as a vehicle through which she can intuitively explore her own heritage. In turn, Wales Bonner is a new wave luxury label, defined by its intelligent handwriting that encompasses European and African literature, history, art, sound and design – all fields that Grace recently presented in an exhibition at London's Serpentine Gallery, the first in a series of unique projects.

What star sign are you?

I'm on the Libra–Scorpio cusp.

When are you happiest?

When i’m in the sun, and experiencing nature.

You're booking a one way flight, where is it going?

Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana.

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